2656 W 12th St, Erie
(814) 838-3011

Recent Reviews

Ryan Bennett

Don’t order here unless you like only getting half of order.

Connie Burley

Stopped here while visiting the area. I don't think the dining room was open. Went through the drive thru. It took a while to get our food since they only have a skeleton crew. Not the employees fault by any means. People just need to patient. Our food was hot and yummy

Heath Snyder

KFC is either a hit or miss. They either have what you want and it's warm and everything's ready. Or they don't employees not especially helpful

Denny Sams

Only the drive thru was open. Had to wait 15 minutes too, if u wanted extra crispy. But it's KFC, great chicken.

Dawn King

Hi it was 5 o'clock when I purchased a bucket of chicken it's under cooked!!! I've tried to call no one is picking up!!!? NEVER AGAIN WILL YOU GET MY BUSINESS.

Jessica Simkovitch

LOVE there biscuits with my mom's homemade jam...yummy ?

Dependable Skeleton

What happened? Used to be great and now it's like banquet chicken.

Emily Kufner

Quick and friendly service. They helped me pick out what I wanted and helped me get the best bang for my buck. Great for a quick bite.

Amy L. Neely

I love I love KFC you always loved it love the biscuits love the deals love the $5 fill up box

I've been waiting inside the restaurant with 3 people ahead of me, for now 15 minutes and no one is taking the orders of the people inside....we've seen several people drive up and get there food and we are still not being taken care of. This surprises me because I've always had great customer service inside of this restaurant.

Larry Reymore

Still a good choice for fried chicken..line short food hot..

S. Thomas Freebourn

I ordered a three piece dark meat meal on the website to pick up. I got a 3 peice white meat instead. Technically an upgrade but not what I wanted. Still it tasted good and was ready quickly. There was no line at the drive thru. Bottom line is that I would go back but it wasn't a 5star experience.

Kerry Harris

The girl at window was not wearing gloves and had long black nails. She made our drinks and snapped the lid into them. I asked why she made our drinks and snapped lids with no gloves. She said her other ones ripped and she had not had time to put me ones on yet. WHAT? We stopped at shopping center and threw the drinks out. Does KFC not realize we're in middle of pandemic? Sad. Friend of mine I hadn't seen in over year and half just died this past Monday. I called the store 4 times and all they did was pick up and hang up every time. KFC had really lost touch with reality.

Kathie Walk

Tried the new chicken sandwich, it was pretty good but there were no pickles on like advertised.?

Barbara Watkins

Stopped to buy chicken dinner to take home. Girl who waited on me was very nice. I haven't had a dinner from there in years. Very Good !!

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