Maria's Pizza

2340 W Grandview Blvd, Erie
(814) 866-5499

Recent Reviews

Pamela Soliday

Best pizza and everything else! Haven't ordered anything that wasn't totally delicious! Reasonable prices....great food! My new go to!

Patrick Gray

It is a nice little pizza place. Well mantained, reasonable service time, great food, good prices and friendly staff.The flavor of the pizza took me back to when I was a kid. It was very enjoyable. One of our party had a sub and was pleased with it.

Dana Hess

This place was so good that we ordered twice during the week we were in town. The Nitemare and The 53 subs are fantastic. I wish they delivered!

Greg Kindle

The food is just amazing. Specials are the best in town!!!

Matt Bloomer

Frozen pizza crust. Burnt wings. Awful mild sauce.

Ben Thompson

My girlfriend and I just recently moved to West Erie and we were looking to support a locally owned pizza joint tonight and Maria’s didn’t disappoint! We ordered a large pizza and the combo sub special and the food was delicious. My girlfriend stated “this is probably one of the best combo subs I’ve ever had!” The prices are dirt cheap too! I’d highly recommend Maria’s, we will definitely stop back in!The business was also extremely clean and tidy, you can tell the owners really care about the place! The staff was great as well offering the man in front of me extra meatballs for his dinner at no extra charge!

Suzi Bundas

Great service, great food at great prices!


I got a takeout large pizza today and it was really good! We got the BLT, which is lettuce, tomato, bacon and then a light garlic sauce and everything together was actually really good. The crust was perfect as well. Their prices were actually super reasonable for not only the pizzas, but the subs as well. We will definitely be back!

Chris & Klay Robertson & Kilburn

Always good

Linn Lopez Rater

Awesome subs salads & pizza's!!! It is our go to when I don't want to cook. Great food. generous portions and good prices.

Ryan Munson

Best lunch/dinner special in town. Their combo sub, in my opinion, is the best around. Simple yet great. Their mini antipasto is excellent as well. I love the italian dressing they use. Very tart red wine vinegar and oil base. Excellent all around!!

James M

We have always gotten great food from Maria's and they have the best prices around. Maria's pizza will remain our go to shop for great food.

Mike Groff

I just ordered my first pizza from here, Hawaiian w added bacon, was delicious and I’ll definitely be trying more items from them, the place was clean and service was fast.


We ordered salad, pizza, and pepperoni bombs for pick up which took about 20 minutes. The food was very good and there was plenty of it!

Renee N.

Food was ok.  Salads were huge but canned mushrooms in a salad is not the way to go!!   I got the steak salad the steak was more shredded chuck roast!!!  I know it's a pizza shop and wasn't expecting filet but maybe steakums or something. Not chuck roast!!!   We also got the steak, mushroom onion pizza and surprise chuck roast on that also!!!  And canned mushroom!

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