Outback Steakhouse

2076 Interchange Rd, Erie
(814) 864-8513

Recent Reviews

Rich Bateman

Prime rib was tough. Kind of dry... no aujus at all. I was so disappointed. Everything was cool, not hot. I won't go back. We got curbside, so maybe had we ate inside it would have been better. What a waste of 60 bucks!

Brian Myers

Everything was delicious except for the asparagus. They don't prep it correctly, so the tough woodsy bottom is still on the asparagus. This is quite disappointing especially since you pay a premium price for it. Service was great.

Beth Rice

Amazing service. Staff understood we were on a time crunch and accommodate us.

Barb Polakowski

Steak salad was not good. $15.99 for way too much lettuce that had not been cleaned well . All the good additives were at the bottom of the bowl which took me 10 minutes to get to. The steak was tough.$15.99 for a bowl of romaine lettuce and tough steak. No thank you -never again

Brandon Godfrey

I went there with my wife and kids and I ordered a 8 oz 23 dollar steak with 2 sides of rice, I asked for medium well. The first steak comes out so dry that me and my wife could barely swallow a small piece, the sever even said she could see that it was dry, it looked as if it had been sitting under a heat lamp for a hr. I wait about 12 to 15 minutes for a new steak by then my wife and kids are done eating. The waitress took my old plate and brings me out a child's size plate this time with only one serving of rice instead of the 2 servings I had paid for, the steak was cooked much better but there's no way that it was a 8 oz steak. I bodybuild and have been weighing my food for over 15 years and at best it was 5 oz at best. The manger and server are the only reason why I gave any stars at all. Your a steak house you should have great steaks!!! I guess if I ever go back ill have to bring my food scale

Kristen Mitchell

we went for a little steak dinner cor memorial day, our server was so good. He had a heavy load of customers to handle and did a fantastic job managing it all. It is people like him that would makenme want to go back over and over, I like when I am treated just as well as I treat guests in my home. keep up the good work. disability access 4 out of 5.

Julie Appel

Absolutely delicious steak! Another time I had the best cheese burger I have ever had! Unfortunately there was a 35 minute wait but I will say it was worth it!

Steve Brewer

Service was great food was not very good at all. My steak was like chewing on leather and my shrimp was burnt. My wife's pasta was bland and plain .

Douglas Frank

Great food price a little high but you get what you pay for. Waitress was great. Seven of us went and everyone was happy with their food.

Mary Beth Bennett

Sadly, we are living in a time of short staffed and short fused in the service industry. So imagine our delight to have an amazing customer service experience at our local Outback restaurant! We are pretty much monthly patrons at this restaurant. The food (I always order the same thing) is always consistent and very enjoyable. I will always ask to speak to a manager to them know our server was exceptional.

Melissa Marie

every.single.time. we order its delicious! never had a bad meal..its always on point!!

Cody Dutko

Management staff at Outback was highly professional and friendly! Beth Abbate made our visit incredibly enjoyable. Will be returning for sure.

Steph Pierce

The food and drinks were fantastic, but the service was even better!We sat at the bar with Miss Lisa for our dinner, and she was on top of her game.I mean REAL A game!Hands down, best service we've had from a restaurant in I can't remember how long.Huge thank you and congratulations to her for doing such an awesome job!She was quick, friendly, prompt, and did not leave you feeling forgotten at all.Alongside her, the food runners were all so very polite as well. It was nice to see a restaurant staffed and so well organized, and the establishment was very clean also.

Anthony V.

Food was okay and service good but building is dated and doesn't seem to be maintained,better places to eat with a brighter atmosphere.

Tracie Washek

Service was absolutely the worst in a very long time. Food was not cooked properly. It was not busy at the time, so excuses there. Most likely will never go back. I have heard this from many people saying the same thing.

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