Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

2600 W 12th St, Erie
(814) 528-5481

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Johnny Roads

Go to chick fil save your self thie headache of sitting in line for 2 hoursAt chick fil a your wait is about 5 minutes


If you like unsanitary, run-of-the-mill, fast food. This is your spot. I do say it does fit in well with the demographic of Erie. However the product is just disgusting. You will get food that has been laying under a heat lamp for sometime. Does not feel fresh. That’s complete laziness. Eat this while under the influence, or do not eat this at all. A bad experience all around just from an ocular visit.

Shelley Mcmahon

When they first opened food was always hot, delicious and fresh, my last few visits lately were bad. The chicken on sandwich was small and seem re-fried, the bun was hard around the edges, barely any sauce, the Cole slaw tasted like soap, biscuit was hard as a rock and the drive thru is slow as ever. Disappointed.

J Richard

This restaurant is got to be the cheapest ever, always shorting you on chicken, never fill the sides , always only half full, its like they think the dipping sauce is currency. It's pulling teeth to get a ranch for your tenders. They constantly short you on sauces they definitely do it on purpose.

j moon

Waited in line for twenty minutes to order then they said it would be 15 minutes and to pull ahead a bit. Did so and ended up waiting for another 45 minutes and they mixed up the order and part of the order they got right was room temperature and rubbery. I don't normally write negative reviews but wow it was warranted this time.

B Robb

Very inconsistent hours.Not open when their supposed to be and I'm driving from the other side of town for nothing.Not good customer service at all and always out of condiments.Just overall not a well ran business.I'm not coming back and I hope that they get their act together because their food is really good.

Gabriel Kramer

Places an online order at 6:41, got there at 7:08 only to be told 1. They were closed, store hours are until 8pm and 2. That they have no way of retrieving our order nor cancelling our order. Go across the street, Chick-Fil-A has their stuff together.

Larry Randolph

Best possible place for chicken breast boneless sandwiches and meals with large family sized meals


Still hands down the best chicken sandwich. The new nuggets are delicious and I recommend the spicy ranch.

Missy Rose

You guys really need to get your act together and order more supplies! There is no reason you should be out of half of the choices of pop, fries and benets regularily…For once they had fries but half the drink choices were out and no benets. I placed an order and was told to wait in the front but i sat out there for a long time…a manager came out took my receipt and went back in….for a really long time . Eventually I had to go and knock on the door ! This is really poor customer service . When I got home I realized the fries were ice cold and there was no honey or ketchup packets as requested in the bag . I refuse to go back any time soon until staff is better and food and drink is kept properly in stock. Frustrating

Denise Alexander

First off I really like popeyes food. Every time I try to get popeyes at the west 12th street Erie pa location they are out of MULTIPLE THINGS for example fries, macaroni and cheese, pie & CHICKEN. ARE YOU SERIOUS. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!


This particular location was out of desserts, sauces, and chicken sandwiches. The young man working the drive through was super polite and apologetic. It wasn't his fault. I guess we just came at a bad time as they were waiting on their shipment.

Google User

Mediocre at best, even compared to other Popeyes franchises. Drive through only. Out of every sauce except mustard, which they tell you after you've ordered.Don't drive in to this trap!

Alex Hardy

The food is ok, but me and my girlfriend were very upset. She ordered mild chicken strips, but they had no sauces for dipping. I wanted blackened chicken strips and that was unavailable. We also wanted the cinnamon apple turnovers and those were unavailable. I wanted Macaroni and cheese and got mashed potatoes instead.Overall it was a very unpleasant experience. So I am not going here anymore.The only consolation is that the food we got did taste well seasoned and fresh. But missing items to complete the experience is just horrible.If a sign was posted saying we don't have "xyz" I would of rated it higher.

Justin Fowler

Food is good but slowest service ever. And every single time I go there they are out of something, chicken, fries, something. No chicken at a chicken restaurant lol time for new management

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