425 State St, Erie
(814) 456-2718

Recent Reviews

Rus L

Instead of taking orders from customers they were just fulfilling online customer orders. Stood inline for 20 minutes. Seems they don’t know how to manage time correctly.

James Shewan

When I was here, the staff was really friendly and talkative and I've never had a better time ordering a sandwich!

Ian Pitts-williams

Great service and excellent subs

leonard ginnery

Good place to eat at good subs

Amber Lynn

They were doing reconstruction, butt it was still open they were great. highest for even the guys outside working were nice... I suggest it!It was A1!

Michele Fuller

Love this place The girls are so nice I'm in a scooter ?? and they hold the door ?? fore every time And the subs are delicious

Jessie Tate

App down for 2 days hotel full of 68 hungry people and 2 days the store was called to report about the App and nothing was done the Store Manager claimed they have nothing to do with the App. Poor business and customer service I guess that Store needs 0 Revenue ..etc..

Yvonne Brown

Always pleasant and always make my Subs awesome ?

Zenith The Fox

This Subway is so dirty, the staff is nice but you would think it would be a lot more cleaner due to Covid going on.

Logan Bell

Service was quick and the staff were friendly. Got plenty of sauce and veggies on the sub.

ethan mckenzie

everyone at our table was enjoying everything. i look forward to a return trip. this place has a great atmosphere. i see why this place has a lot of good reviews.

isabella markea

I always have a problem when i come here.

Wyatt Rugar

The kind girl named Libby was so helpful when I walked in and even helped me decide on a sub as it was my first time. I’m glad there are still people like her in the world willing to help at a moments notice.

Jennifer Beatty

They dnt believe in washing hands after touching there nose.and they get mad at you for asking the to wash there hands,on e5 and state st

Juan Fernandez

It's fine.

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