Mike N' Dangelo's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

137 W Main St, Girard
(814) 774-0332

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Jessica Waldinger

Deep fried mushrooms were SO greasy and mushy. Fat boy sub was okay but very bland, also mushy and not fresh. Pizza was okay but nothing to write home about, the dough was over mixed or old. When the food was delivered it was cold. I think they had everything sitting around and just microwaved it. We ended up throwing everything out and getting Domino's instead. Really disappointed with the food quality and flavor because the menu looked like it was going to be really good.

kevin vilsack

Their food was terrible the wings were super small the pizza was frozen crust not homemade and the Huggies had no meat on him whatsoever I wasted $40 there and would never go again

Juli Morneweck

Great homemade food! Wish they didn't use iceberg in their salads, but the pasta was delicious and homemade. All in all, a great place to order pasta or pizza. Yum!

anthony nardozzi

Placed order today for pick up . ordered vegetable pizza no vegetables on pizza had to be wrong pizza. Ordered three salads one without olives all had olives. hoggie wasn't that good . Wanted to play cash five they said they where to busy To do it why have a lotta machine

CathySue Hrinda

Ordered online a little bit ago ordered lasagna not their stiffed one with pepperoni, too spicy. My tossed salad lettuce was jumbled and lettuce rusty yellow looking. I ordered liter Pepsi girl handing me my food said don't forget your 20oz pop. Hmm is this how they make up for non tipping,? I honestly was very short on monies. Well at least the Italian bread was very fresh. I won't be coming back

Barbara Hopkins

Wonderful food, kind service. We actually arrived late but they still served us

Ap Sedition

Saw a rat running around in the kitchen when I went in to grab my order, other than that the food was pretty good to me. (Edit) I am replying to your reply within this edit, I see your overall passion for your restaurant and I commend you for that, and I appreciate the swift reply, for that I will come back and try your food again, but sir I know what I saw and it’s not a big deal I’m sure it was from a different building or just found it’s way in, and my name is very real by the way. Also I was wondering do you make your noodles in house?

Andrew Patsy

best damn chicken tenders in erie County.

Cheryl Harbaugh

We have always loved Mike & Dangelo's ! We live almost an hour away now and do not get to enjoy it very often anymore ?


My husband and I ordered from here about 2 weeks ago. We decided on a nightmare pizza. The pizza was very good but they forgot the banana peppers! That's one of the main reasons to get a nightmare!?

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Poor service. Waited several minutes to even be acknowledged not less get your food

Susan Oberlander

My sister and I were out Sunday. We decided to try to find a decent place to grab a pizza and some other stuff for dinner. First time I've ever tried this place. Would not recommend it to anyone. The pizza had a crust on it but the rest of it was super paper thin. Have never seen a pizza like that. Overstretched the dough. Also was not cooked very good. Got the 2 for $20 dinners also. Spaghetti and stuffed shells. Not worth the money. You end up with a small container of pasta, hardly any sauce on, a small tossed salad, & bread. Sure in hell isn't worth $10. Learned the hard way but wouldn't waste our time or money going back.

Linda Barrante

Usually very happy, but not with our last order. :( Chicken, bacon, ranch salad had no bacon. My chicken bacon ranch sub had no ranch; however, it did have lettuce , tomato and mayo which is totally WRONG. Pretty disappointing

Lost Camper

Twas great other then they dont offer thin crust! Large speciality pizzza an a large order of Zucchini Fries for under 25$ not to bad.

Cindy K.

Disappointed in our chicken salads from Saturday. Orders 3 grilled chicken salads and they were full of lettuce with not much else. 1 thin slice of tomato, a few chunks of chicken, one peppercini and 4 waffle fries with shredded cheese. I guess I was just expecting more to be in these salads. Definitely would not order these from there again.

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Mike N' Dangelo's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

137 W Main St, Girard, PA 16417
(814) 774-0332