Taco Bell

1017 Main St E, Girard
(814) 402-3191

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Sarah Cywinski

Went in for takeout. Clean, friendly, fast. 1 problem was the order was not correct. I ordered 2 bean and rice burritos and got 1 and 2 ND item was some kind of beef burrito thing that looked like they put items on it then tried taking them off but left a few pieces on (a few pieces of lettuce, onions and tomatoes. All of which I dont want on anything of mine). But then again literally EVER taco bell I go to NEVER gets my simple little order correct.

Jennifer Campbell

Taco Bell in Girard is the absolute worst. They always seem to mess my order up every time. You can't use the app to order online only specials and "they have no way of ringing it up on the register for you". So because they don't participate in the app the customer can't take advantage of specials?! Very unfair and poor customer service if you ask me. I'll drive out of my way to a different Taco Bell before I waste my money at this location again.

Shelly Lee Walker-Graham

EVERY single time we have gone here our order is messed up. She forgot our straw and all hot sauce and every single one of our tacos were broken. The girl taking money looked absolutely miserable and wasn't personable at all.

joleen johnson

Every single time I come to this place I am so disappointed. The food is made poorly, something is always wrong or missing. I let some time go by an try to give it another chance to end up disappointed yet again. If you want taco bell just take the trip into Millcreek!

Sherri C.

I go to the Girard taco bell often on my lunch break. They always get my order correct and the staff are always nice. The prices are great. My drive thru bag and food are always neat and the bag is folded over with a sticker holding it closed. There are so many different menu items to choose and they often have new seasonal ones I like to try something different once in awhile. Head for the boarder!

John Pearson

Excellent as always. It's Taco Bell, it's about impossible to go wrong with a menu like theirs.

dongle man

Always get the order wrong. I told the girl at the window she rung up my order wrong and she told me she didn't and that I needed to tell her the correct item I wanted and that it was my fault my order was wrong. Genuinely don't know how this place is still open.

Madison Ciccotti

Idk how the owner of this place makes any money. Every single time I've been here in the last 6mo, they've got my order wrong or forgot something or the beef tastes like dog food..I'm over wasting my money here. I just got back from there, ask for no sour cream, covered in sour cream...EVERY SINGLE TIME!. ask for fire sauce, no sauce. It's not even worth going back anymore when they mess up, because they try to put it on you everytime. If I could give no stars I would.

Brandi Covington

Friendly staff . Had to wait a couple mins for fresh beef which was perfectly ok with me

Paul Mankie

Good service. Good food. Nice and clean new store

Carol Sypin

My husband ordered 3 tacos meal without tomato s & pink lemonade, and he ordered me the crunch wrap meal with pink lemonade.They asked if we wanted any sauces we said NO. But would like some sour creamThey put sour cream on my husband's 3 tacos.He can't eat sourcream. Therfore he had no dinner.I know its hard to find good help, but makeing orders are not that hard. I would fast food and sit down restaurants. Not that hard.We will now remove Taco Bell from out fast food place.


Alright so I got a chicken chalupa box and no sour cream once I got home I got out my food. I dug into the food and I found no meat no cheese just lettuce and a whole bottle of sour cream has to be the worst taco bell ive ever eaten at.

Billy Randall (Billy Boy)

Way over priced, bought a 12 party pack crunchy tacos, guy said the amount and I said what.! So I relooked their menu board as I drove around the building but not in ordering lane. Sure enough 18.99 for the party pack. Since I live 7 miles from Ohio state line, I will just drive to Ashtabula Tacobell and pay for exact order at 14.99. Thank goodness I had extra change on me. Totally outrageous, guess time to start cooking at home again instead of treating myself after going to doctor appointments.

Latisha Adams

They are constantly getting our orders wrong, on top of that the quality is poor and one sauce packet for four tacos, really! I think they need to get some better employees in there that actually know what they’re doing and when it says steak and every time they give you chicken, kind of ridiculous!!!!

Diane Stafford

Quick service and good safety procedures.

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