704 Lounge

704 N 3rd St, Harrisburg
(717) 234-4226

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Ron Myers

My wife and I attended a wedding reception this past Saturday at the 704 Lounge. Because the Bride was a relative, the owners of the Lounge graciously donated the reception room and outdoor deck area for the entire day free of charge. Friends and family donated their time to decorate and help with the event along with the owners and their courteous and service oriented staff. All participants experienced a well orchestrated event. The catered food, bar service, cake and appetizers were enjoyed and appreciated by all. Thanks to the 704 owners Russ and Brett for donating the lounge space. Thanks to the friendly staff for their prompt and courteous service throughout the event. Thanks to the many volunteers for all the help to set up and take down the awnings, chairs, tables, the service of champaign and cake and all the other details that made it a successful day . A well deserved 5 star rating.

Bruce Harris

My wife and I attended our niece's wedding reception at the 704 Lounge on Saturday.The lounge was clean and the staff competent and friendly. We felt the upstairs patio overlooking the capitol made for a pleasant gathering.Anyone planning an event at the 704 Lounge need not be concerned as Brett and Rusty have a top-notch venue that we would certainly recommend.

Michael R Webster

Nice place. I don't get into the city much but was there for a wedding. Very nice people, bartenders were pleasant and it was very clean.

Erica Roach

A beautiful location, run by one of the most arrogant, selfish and rude family members I have.I was promised a lot by my "cousin Brett" to have my wedding at his lounge. Only to be kicked out when majority of my guests left. My flowers were thrown into a pile on a table, his staff didn't help like he said they would.. my husband and I were even chased out on the sidewalk for our champagne tab by Jen. Brett complained the entire time the wedding was going on when he thought no one could hear, but his upstairs bathroom has thin walls... I heard more then I care to share. Despicable! He also gave my father an attitude when he wanted us out.We were civil people enjoying his beautiful place respectfully. At no point did we disrespect Brett or Russ or their property. They went back on what they promised. Brett also became passive aggressive with me while I was hurriedly trying to pack up my children's belongings who were in my wedding.. while tripping down the stairs in my wedding dress. He was more concerned about running his establishment and shoeing us out to even notice.I hope you're a proud business owner treating your family this way Brett. None of us will never ever be back and all of us will share with everyone what you did. SHAME ON YOU!!

LuAnn Reed

Wonderful experience!! Brett, Russ and the staff are top notch!! Excellent prices and service. I highly recommend!!!

Playlist One Neufer

They were rude about getting our wedding party and guests out at 8:30pm, instead of 10:30pm, as what was scheduled. They said it was because most of the guests had already left… They started tearing things down before the rest of the people had a chance to even get up from their table. They didn’t care that people were still socializing and the bride still had things she wanted done, that never got completed, because of the owner wanting us out at 8:30 instead of 10:30 PM. The food was ok, I’ll give that. Potatoes were not cooked the whole way through, the snap peas, not cooked at all, just kind of warmed up in oil, no flavor. Depending on the meat you got, depended on how well it was cooked. Rude, disrespectful. Not for dinner or atmosphere that was planned for such a beautiful wedding. Would not recommend.

bernie whittaker

Awesome time...beautiful bar ..great service.

Trey Stehman

Clean and upscale bar with a great staff and an amazing roof top deck offering great views of the capitol and grounds

Jose Rafael Solis Corps

Karaoke night, now on Wednesdays, it's amazing. Only bad thing is that it's way too short. 8-11 for all the singers that attend is not enough.

Chuck Smith

Nice atmosphere.

Ilyse Na'omi Kazar

Comfy, friendly place with great drinks & service and a fab view of the PA Capitol from the roof deck. Docked one star for meh microwaved bar food, but maybe post-COVID the food offerings will improve. If so I will add the 5th star.

Steven Crossin

Fun bar. Great staff

Nacole Moore

Beautiful décor! Great place for group events!

Jane H.

The old guy who might have been the owner/bartender was curt and unfriendly. Whoever was bartending on Thursday 08/27/20 needs to be trained! Thought this was supposed to gay bar? He was grumpy and should not be in hospitality. Having a right wing racist and sexist person in a gay bar should be a crime!! Not only did he tell my friend and I that we couldn't stand at the bar to order drinks (after watching someone at the bar ordering before us... who was a white male) I asked what kind of tequila he had but instead of answering my question, he rudely cut me off and said I couldn't order a drink without a food purchase. Ok SIR, one there's no menu or signs posted ANYWHERE in the establishment and two, I would have been fine to do so had you not try to kick us out the moment we stepped into your disgusting dive bar. OSHA should be called for the lack of cleanliness in there. There was also no music playing so the whole situation was extremely awkward. I would have given this place the 0 stars it deserves but yelp won't allow. This place isn't for you unless you're racist or a white guy. Good riddance.

D. DeWitt

Very laid back, friendly and a great atmosphere,

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