Cork & Fork

200 State St, Harrisburg
(717) 234-8100

Recent Reviews

Oliver Maxwell

Great food, reasonable portion sizes, wonderful atmosphere, coffee at about medium in strenght but good. they do have some good healthy choices. wife had the Chocolate Ganache Cheesecake which also looked scrumptious.

Sam Hanks

Great food, great drinks, great atmosphere, great service. On the pricier side, but you pay for what you get. Prime location but parking can be scarce depending on the time and day. Nonetheless, highly recommended.

Travis Brownell

I've gone here about 3 times now and have never been disappointed. The servers that I've had have been friendly, although some appear to less than thrilled to be there, the drinks are delicious (and they give you the amount of alcohol you're paying for, no skimping), and the food has been top tier every time. I haven't eaten inside but given the lovely surroundings the outdoor dining is always a pleasure. If you're wondering for a nice place to get dinner, you can't go wrong with this place.


Get the pistachio pizza. It’s delicious. I’m sure lots of the other stuff on the menu is fine, but… get the pistachio pizza. And no, it’s not just a pizza with some pistachios dumped on it.

Evita A.

Had brunch outdoors and was a party of 7 with my dog outside. The hostess was RUDE and unwelcoming when we checked in. The place cute and seating outdoors was too. They didn't offer my dog water however the waitress wasn't as rude as the hostess and was friendly although she forgot when we asked for pepper, napkins and stuff. She did take the time to explain that it was tapas style and gave suggestions on portions. When we ordered our drinks she took everybody else's order except my husband's who was at the end so perhaps she forgot again. The food was very good which is why I'm rating 4 stars and not 2 or 3 for the service we got prior to the food. It was tapas style but yummy. We ordered breakfast pizza (delicious)! I would go back and order this again! The Brussel sprout frittata, ham & cheese frittata, French toast, crab ravioli, beef sliders! All tasted really delicious! The drinks was good too! Had mimosas, Bellinis and rosé. One of my friends had a mock tail which she said was also very good! It's unfortunate that the hostess who was RUDE was the first thing people get greeted with when you come in because the place was cute and food was good. If we're ever in town again I would come back here for the food.

Cindi T.

I went one night they burned my pizza and then served it to me like that was ok. I am thinking of going back to try it again to see if it was just a bad night. Will come back for an update.

Terri Costa

service and food was fantastic...

Ben Ryan

My wife's favorite place to eat in town! It's really good and healthy!! Personally I think it's a little overpriced but it does make for a wonderful date night location! Atmosphere is fun and waitstaff we're all nice which is rare for Harrisburg.

Jon Podany

My crab ravioli was very good. My reason for the 3 star review is as follows: I believe the price was 13.00 which is extremely good however in order to meet that price point the portion was quite small...4 ravioli. The dish was listed under the pasta selections not small plates on the menu (online, we ordered take out). I would recommend raising the price in order to allow for more food. Great dish, great price, very small portion.

Lo M.

First time dining here. My drink was strong and the charcuterie was delicious. I ordered pizza as well which took way too long to come out, hence my review of 4/5 stars.

Mark S.

I've been to both locations and both standout amongst the dining options in the area. Central PA can be a challenge for people with a more California leaning palette ;) Love the octopus, the pizzas, the gnocci... everything we tried was fantastic. Very friendly service too. I'll be back!


My husband and I are from out of town and visited Cork and Fork based on a recommendation from our hotel staff. I liked the environment/feel of the restaurant. The prices were reasonable. The food was good. However, the lettuce for our salad was brown, the “small plate” we ordered came out when we were almost finished with our pizza and our server was lacking in basic “service skills.” She never asked how our food was and I had to ask her three different times to clear empty glasses and dishes from the table. We would consider giving this place a second try but it probably won’t be on this trip.

Sonya T.

Pretty disappointed with this location. The Camp Hill location is much, much, much better. Our server was very nice and accommodating, but the food & kitchen service -- ugh, not so great. I ordered the Brussels sprouts small plate and they were burnt on the outside and practically raw on the inside. I got 4 little pieces of pancetta, and had to request more. Having had this plate at the Camp Hill location, I was shocked at how bad it was. My friend had even ordered the dish as well, and 25-30 minutes later was told that their printers weren't working, so it hadn't been started. Thankfully, they were able to cancel the order. I will definitely drive an extra 5 mins across the river to the Camp Hill location if there's a next time.

Jon T.

Happy hour is such a good deal. Pizzas are great. Mixed drinks amazing! Ask for Sam he knows the menu backward and forward and he has a great attitude.

Mary Kobily

I loved the place! I'm an out of towner looking for good food and friendly vibe. Ken made me a martini that was one of the best ever! I had the meatballs and roasted beet salad. Both were good. I especially liked the beet salad. It was a great blend of flavor and texture.

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