Los Tres Cubanos Restaurant

540 Race St, Harrisburg
(717) 635-8145

Recent Reviews

Evelyn Vizcarrondo

Service was amazing, the ceviche was perfect. Love the mojitos. Great experience will be returning soon. Next time I will be trying there ropa vieja

Catherine Taylor

OMG!!!! Truly amazing and authentic!!!! The owners are great hosts. Waitress was so sweet. The atmosphere was so inviting it made me feel like I was at my Tia's house. The food is so good. Filled with flavor. If you haven't been there you must go!

Lena Hershey

What an amazing place! The food is FABULOUS and service - friendly and professional.

Brian Copeland

Wonderful dining experience! Mojito was exactly what I needed after a day of driving. Chicken was delicious and desert, flan, with coffee was perfect!

Rose G.

We have been dining here for almost a year (shortly after moving to the area in June 2020). Everything is always delicious (hence why we return). Today was no different and Arianna is a very good server. I've been wanting to try the paella for months and finally pulled the trigger today...much to my dismay, it was underwhelming and I'm VERY surprised because again, everything is always good. Several patrons asked how it was and I had to be honest. It was bland, the rice was mushy and very little seafood. Could it have been an off day? Absolutely...it happens! We will definitely continue to dine here because we really do enjoy the experience. The chicken empanadas, ceviche, smoked pork chop (with pineapple sauce) and Cuban fried rice were excellent. We also enjoyed the chocolate cake and Tres Leches (best I've ever had!). Yes I still gave 5 stars because I believe they deserve it!!!


Great place to have dinner with the family. We made a reservation and arrive 10 minutes before, and our table was already ready for us. My wife and I tried the Cuban sub in many places, and here was the best. Real tasty, flavorful awww. I strongly recommend it to anyone.

Any Contreras

Food was espectacular ! And the service was great the owner was very friendly… I can’t wait to return for more delicious food. Thank you !

Glendalisse Vargas

Customer Service was good but the food I'm sorry but not at the same time, was horrible from the tostones rellenos who does un toston relleno with vegetable from a can, ceviche was ok shrimp was rubber, pan con lechon no flavor, bistec de Pollo chicken was just marinated on the top with lemon, de margaritas OMG SERIOUSLY I tasted the salt not the lemon. $207 not worth not even the water serve with no Ice. I'm sorry but need more flavor and coming from Florida where Cubans are is very disappointed. Portions you get more beans than rice. Overall food should of been way better especially if Cubans are running the restaurant.

Earl D.

Martha says ..."this is the real deal". Had the pork and white rice and beans (Lechon Asado) - was done just like mi abuela used to make them. Eating here was like traveling back to the days of my youth in Puerto Rico.


Date night - great night. Loved all our food and drinks (from Ceviche to Tres Leche). Good vibe. Multicultural PA locals place. Can't wait to go back : )

Karina Torres

The food and service were amazing! We ordered lechón and bistec empanisado and it was absolutely delicious! The next time we are in the Harrisburg and Hershey area, we will definitely stop here for some Cuban food.

Kizuwanda Raines

just had dinner here. Cuban Veggie Bowl & Traditional Cuban Mojito. So much food could only eat 50% of the dinner and had to save the rest. Great pricing for portion. the waitress Arianna was polite and helpful. the owner was AMAZING. they had ran out of the dessert my dinner mates wanted so she gave us slices of chocolate cake for FREE. the owner was so personable, communicative, and helpful. this was a great experience and the highlight of my Harrisburg trip. The Cuban mojito was so delicious.

Alvaro Alvarez

Great food and drinks! Atmosphere is chill and cool but the owner and staff is also really friendly.

Ryan Madden

There are not enough words in the English dictionary to describe how remarkable this place is. The chefs are the most consistent when it comes to their dishes. You will get the exact same wonderful meal every time. The bartenders are also consistent and let me tell you, they do not skimp on the alcohol! They are very knowledgeable and terrific at making recommendations and suggestions. You will not be disappointed. And if you are, then I'm going to go ahead and say the disappointment would be no ones fault but your own.

Emil F

Absolute perfection. The perfect vibe, the on point cuisine, the stellar cocktails. Busy, loud, and exactly what makes a perfect Cuban restaurant. The owner and her physician husband came over and spent so much quality time with us that we feel like family now. The food is just perfection , absolute perfection. Nothing could have made the evening more pleasant. Parking at the Quality Inn makes it super convenient and painless in this historic district. This is a MUST for anyone visiting or living in Harrisburg.

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