Shady Mcgradys

204 Verbeke St, Harrisburg
(717) 234-4070

Recent Reviews

Spencer Streeter

Great place and atmosphere. Hooked me up with beer, 10/10!!

Ryan McCartney

Great bar scene. Good choice of beers.

Nicole theTrainer

Always laid back and chill, my favorite 'dive'. BYOF! Cool, right? ?

Angela Dunn

Honestly worst bar... Terrible bar tenders and service. Owner is power driven and cares more about his self than business. Owners mom and dad still help little Scott be a bar owner.

david stultz

great local hang out

Kelli Grill

Best prices and great staff. Clientele is friendly and welcoming.

Lindsey Gibson

No fuss place for cheap drinks. Some good beers on tap, not as sketchy on the inside as it is the outside. Plus, they have some fun games to play!

Duane Lawrence Reeves

Enjoyed the people and the service.

Senica Kimber

The service is top notch, and the crowd is a melting pot. Vast Variety of selections for take-out...I was a little disappointed they didn't have the pool table anymore, but hey that got skee-ball now...Hey, what are you gonna do?!?

Marcia Samuels

I love 'em.

Robert Hackenberg Jr.

friendly neighborhood bar

Kevin Easton

All good vibes

Robert Hackenberg

Great neighborhood bar.

Ed Maneval

A shady little dive where everyone is welcome. Beer and shots over specialty drinks any day.

Suli Goodlief

Bathroom light switch is on the OUTSIDE of the door (confusing even when sober). Bartenders are very professional though, door security guards don't take bull either...both make for a safe environment vibe.

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