Tonino's Pizza & Grille

530 N Progress Ave, Harrisburg
(717) 695-9900

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Tim P

I thought the pizza was pretty good, the pepperoni was very greasy. That being said, it was served on a paper plate which the grease just destroyed and seaped onto the table. Time to get the metal plates. I went around 1:00 and was surprised there was no lunch special. I could have gone down the street and save about $2.

Briana Mangiaracina

I had been driving for hours and stayed at a hotel near this place. They were open past 9pm which was helpful and the food was so good, I grabbed a slice when I went to pick up my food because it looked thin and awesome. I’m mad I didn’t get more than a slice. Just like to give credit where credits due.

Robert McKee

I think Tonino's is the best pizza in the area. The sandwiches are also delicious and the bread they use on the subs is excellent and very fresh. The pizza is delicious and is made a little bit on the salty side, so try it plain before you add garlic salt. Highly recommended!

Carialine Jasmin

I love that place, prices are great the guys there are so Amazing!


Good food served quickly. Place is pretty clean.

Curves Cruiser

On my way to Boston, I found this place by accident...It's a hidden ? food it's amazing! Very tasty ? Absolutely recommend to try it, if you're in the area.

GT Cruiser

On my way to Boston, I found this place by accident...It's a hidden ? food it's amazing! Very tasty ? Absolutely recommend to try it, if you're in the area.

Daryn Kingsborough

Overall, first experience wasn't good. The sauce on the pizza was water which allowed the toppings to just fall off. There was no flavor to the chicken tenders or fries. The onion rings were also over done and bland. The chicken Caesar wrap was dry. The dressing was decent. Very disappointed, this was a waste of $40.

Ebube Utomi

Great guys! Made me awesome pizza even though I barely arrived as they were closing!

Steve L.

The food wasn't that bad but the employees were rude! My wife asked for a to-go box for half a sandwich and pizza and they tried to give her one piece of aluminum foil!! When she specifically asked for a to go box, they complained about her in Spanish!! Funny thing, she's Hispanic and understood what they were saying, RUDE!!

Kayla Gonzalez

My fiance and ordered 2 pizzas tonight, one was half pepperoni and cheese and the other was a Hawaiian pizza. I had ordered delivery and the food was delivered but no one contacted me saying it was delivered, so who knows how long it was sitting out there. We contacted the delivery service and they told us that it was already delivered, 15 minutes later. The pizzas were cold and soggy. They were just thrown together and they just didn't taste good


I have eaten at all of the Tonino's locations, but Thursday night I order Chicken parm and Chicken Caprese for pick up and it was horrible. The pasta on the Chicken Caprese was over cooked and was mushing could not even pick up a penna pasta with my fork it fell apart. The chicken parm - the chicken was over cooked and no sause. Will not be going back to the progress ave location.

Melissa Fontana

Worst customer service etiquette I have encountered in a long time. Very rude and not accommodating. Don’t care if food is good or not which it wasn’t but customer service should be number 1. Never will visit this establishment again.

Jeanne E.

I have only gone to Tonino's a few this location. I typically go to the Progress Avenue store.............Staff is friendly and food is good. I had a bad experience at the Harrisburg (route 22) store over a year ago when the man behind the counter told me to hurry up and order.............Tonight, a friend wanted to take me for pizza. I decided to give them another chance so agreed. Well, it was unbelievable. The man behind the counter (older and Italian, I believe) accused me of touching the pizza before ordering. This did not happen, as I would never ever do such a thing. When we both explained that I did not touch the food, he insisted we did, said "Now, we gonna fight?"..............and then told us to "Get out"..............When I informed him that I would never ever be back in his store, he said, "Good bye"..............VERY, VERY RUDE...................UPSET MY EVENING.........................HORRIBLE !!!!!! The man has an attitude.........................This is the second encounter with him.............................I will never ever go back........


Gentleman behind counter (older dark-haired man with accent) has an attitude. Accused me of touching his pizza before order........."Don't touch the food.......Don't touch the food"......When I and a friend told him that he was mistaken and that I had not touched the food, he replied, "I know, you're ready for a fight??"..........He insisted that I had touched the pizza before ordering it. I informed him that I would never step foot in his establishment again. His reply? " Good......Goodbye"...........This was the second time I experienced his attitude............and attributed it (the first time) to a possible language barrier. Now, I know that he is just a RUDE PERSON...........MY NIGHT WAS RUINED. i WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN..................... When we left, he was telling a patron that I had touched the food. The man is very disrespectful..............VERY RUDE................I WOULD GIVE HIM NEGATIVE "STARS" IF I COULD.

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