Cora déjeuners

4904 Taschereau Blvd, Greenfield Park
(450) 812-7184

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Brice P. Guilbaud

Comment osez vous servir ces repas à vos clients ... déjeuner froid, patates blanches et cramées, sauce hollandaise potentiellement passée date vu le goût, première et dernier fois pour moi pour l’enseigne Cora

alexander Whyte

Amazing fast friendly service proper covid protocols well worth the money

Andrea Whyte

Amazing fast friendly service proper covid protocols well worth the money

Thistle Monkey

Always great food and good service!

Frédérick Pétrin

(-) I would had order by the phone to avoid waiting time for order pick up but the menu on goigle wasn t complete.(-) there isn't a electric car charger at this location.(+) the pick up container amd ustensil are compostable except for the juice and straw wich is recyclable wich could be as it is at aw&w(+) food was great, but took an omelet since i had big hunger, and as i was eating i was regreting not having took bunch of fresh fruit crepe or waffle with custard, whip cream or chantily as they do better then anyone. But that one was on me. BE SMARTER, TAKE A STRAWBERRY WAFFLE LOL

Molilea 13

If your pregnant you get a free smoothie. Crayons and activity may for the kids and they get a gift from the treasure box when you leave for a Sunday we didn't wait more then five minutes to be seated. And the food was amazing. They can make your pancakes with diff batter if you can't have to much sugar very accommodating

Bernardete Siqueira

It is an option to have breakfast if you live in that region or are doing something close to the restaurant (Boulevard Tachereau- Greenfield park)They have a varied menu for a good price! Good quality as well! The service is quite fast! I have tried the burrito and it was ok! The attendant was very nice! The place is clean and well decorated! Recommended!

Muzaffar Tirmizey

Great breakfast place. Excellent service and quality . Big portion size.

Amir N

Good service and kids friendly as other Cora branch.

byos canada

Daily smoothies and breakfast absolutely delicious, service is fast and friendly..


The food was delicious, all the dishes looked good. The place was a little noisy and echo. Overall great.

Ben Reinerth

Great!Because I had a Brunch

Jean-Leo Grenon

Le manger est toujours froid quand c’est servi.

Roy Yared

Always very courteous great plates love the taste and love the service !!!

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