1075 N Main St, North Providence
(401) 831-7860

Recent Reviews

Dennis Bongiardo

How can you ever go wrong at Dunking, fresh coffee, friendly waitstaff and consistently the same great quality

Zachary Nierman

I come here 5 days a week and on average 3/5 days my drink is incorrect. Quite possibly the most under qualified and untrained staff i’ve ever experienced at a dunkin’. There are multiple people who do know what they are doing but often time they are over clouded by the negligence of the other baristas. It is also one of the slowest dunkin’s as drink orders often take 3-4 minutes from order to pick up

Kenneth Harding

It was a Dunkins, always a great choice. ???

andrea homer

Always consistently great


It's a Dunkin. Staff are friendly, foods decent.

Paul Phath

Waiting for 5minutes at the drive thru. Service such there I'm bringing my Services elsewhere.

Richard Hanson

Not Bad, they should put less ice in the ice cappuccino.

Snot Rocket

Good black coffee

Faith Marlow

Excellent service, customer service

Jones Gordon

Very friendly!

Devorah Wajsbort

One of my fave Dunkin stores ??Occasionally, my drink comes out nasty but they are really nice about remaking it :)Super costumer service and fast lines

Christina Mayfield

Was in line for 15 mins yes its at a gas station but atleast have 2 people working so 1 can do drive tru n the other do front. I waited at the window for 5 mins while the employee took a front person order when I was 1st she just got there thats not right. Take who you delt with 1st thank u

Tammy Martin

The employees are nice, fast it's clean. What more can you ask for?


Constantly messing up my order and makes me wait an unbelievably long time.


Constantly messing up my order and makes me wait an unbelievably long time.

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