Ran Zan Japanese Restaurant

1084 Hope St, Providence
(401) 276-7574

Recent Reviews

Jamie D.

Everyone around me hyped up how this is their go to Japanese restaurant especially for sushi. I don't know if I would say it's the first choice or completely agree. I think the quality and the taste was great but it seems like there weren't many things on the menu available. The service was amazing and super friendly. I think there must be things that are must get here and I didn't get it, so I'm not particularly in love with this place. I'll be back so they can prove me wrong!

Philip F

Evan this is a very small Japanese restaurant in Providence, it served the best Japanese sashimi & other seafood dishes. It's always my pleasure to treat ourself for some high quality Japanese Sushi & Sashimi in this place, daily special fish is Chutoro and we ordered Sashimi style which come in 3 pieces per order. It melted in your mouth with the most delicious fresh taste of tuna. Their scallop & squid were always up to standard & we also enjoyed the dragon roll which contented grilled eel with avocado. The best ending was the newly added shaved ice with homemade plum sauce & jello. According to the chef he got his plum tree from his sister in Japan & grow in his garden. Preserved the plum & make his plum syrup for this dish

Nova P.

My favorite place in RI for authentic Japanese sushi! The quality of fish is great. Not mushy, has resistance when you bite into it. A great roll to try is Ume Shiso. It's plum paste, shiso leaves, and cucumber. It's a light refreshing roll that goes well with sashimi and nigiri. The sushi chef is very nice and you can tell he's been doing this for awhile. The service may be slow at times, but it's worth the wait in my opinion.

Anna K.

I soooooo wanted to love this restaurant because it's small family business and is definitely the most traditional Japanese restaurant that I've found in Rhode Island. Unfortunately, the quality of my experience did not even come close to expectations. I ordered the sashimi deluxe, which was only so-so. The fish quality was not very fresh and tasted slightly fishy. The unagi nigiri was okay, and probably the best part of the meal. I went with a group of 4 people. My friends ordered the pork katsu, udon, and unaju. The sushi bar dishes came out relatively quickly (about 30 minutes), but the cooked dishes took around 1.5 hours to come out. We came right when the restaurant opened so we were surprised that it took so long. The restaurant itself is pretty typical for a standard traditional Japanese restaurant (dining area and sushi bar seating). The noise level was quiet-moderate. I really loved all the art on the walls. Overall, was okay for a one-time try, but I probably wouldn't come back.

Xiaoman Chu

Authentic food and vibe — this has been one of the constants throughout the pandemic. Note that they are temporarily closed from 5/31 to 6/13

Vivian Madrid

This is the best authentic sushi spot in the state! Everything is fresh and it is family run. The sushi chef truly values quality and attention to detail. We love just about everything here and when we think of sushi, there's really no other place better than this in the state. Try the shaved ice with plum sauce for dessert! The sugarplum sauce is homemade!

Nhu Phung

Yummy, fresh sushi, cute mum-and-pop place, small fam business with great customer service and delicioussss food!!

Ann Carver

This is the most delicious authentic Japanese food in Providence. Sushi is fresh, and they offer traditional Japanese dishes like Katsudon that are hard to find. There are many California Roll/chicken tenders ‘Japanese’ restaurants in this town, and fortunately this is not that!

Davide Dukcevich

In my mind, the only sushi place that matters. Family run — and let me tell you, it’s the BEST family. I love these people and I love their food. The best.

Elizabeth W.

Food is good BUT, on a Friday evening they say that they don't take orders for TAKE-OUT after 7:30pm. WHAT??? We are in the throes of the COVID pandemic, restaurants have very few dine in seats, and who wants to hazard dine in anyway. They have posted hours indicating open until 10pm. Why bother if you CUT-OFF TAKE OUT ORDERS 3hrs before closing? VERY DISAPPOINTING. Will be looking at other Japanese food restaurants for Japanese food. RanZan just does not cut it anymore.

Susan Rodrigues

Great food and service. Clean

liza Parinova

Amazing sushi, run by an authentic Japanese man. Sushi is fresh and has so much love in it and got a bunch of sushi for a really good price! My now go to sushi place. Will be coming back!

Ben Bell

The sushi here is divine. Each of the rolls taste great and different. The sashimi is sliced int buttery filets, and the rest of the food has an authentic flavor.

Chessie C.

They are the best Japanese place in the state in my opinion. Best chicken katsu I have EVER had. Great salmon sashimi, great service, they remember my name which melts my heart. I love these guys.

Lin I.

The best Japanese restaurant in Providence! I love their Agedashi dofu, yakitori, pork katsu, salmon teriyaki, tempura udon, yakisoba, unskilled, rolls and sushi, ginger&red bean&mango ice cream, etc. Almost any dish on the menu can give me a delightful meal:p

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