Tantric Night Club

1070 N Main St, Providence
(401) 273-1070

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is this a 18+ club?

Nessa Lovell

Pretty chill night club, great atmosphere and a pretty good drink selection. The DJ was cool, wasn't that bad and you'll find a few attractive faces here


So far I’m a little upset I walked for 38 mins to a club that is not open it says it opens at 9 it’s 10 and there is no one here.

alexsianna walker

is this a 18+ club?

Jamila Gomes

I Love this club

ashley k

DO NOT hold an event at this space, do not rent this place. The bouncers were the absolute worst, completely rude. They were refusing to let people back in even to find their friends / get their things. Insisting that everyone was too drunk to be let back into the club, being very slow to let people in, and keeping so many guests waiting in a huge line outside the door in the FREEZING cold. Many people gave up and left before they even got into the club! Once you're inside, they kick you out if they think you're even a little drunk, without any provocation. It was honestly the most hostile place I've ever had an event, even Colosseum and Ultra are better in terms of service. Maybe this place is nice for people who are just visiting but based on how they kick people out I don't think so. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.

Ting-Hsun Lee

A really bad business, seriously have no idea why the bouncers are so mean and rude ... they stopped me and my friends from going in and argued with us without any sense. Please just let them shut their business down by not going there and spread the words please. RISD and Brown friends let’s teach them something called RESPECT.

M Depina

The best place in town! Drinks were reasonably priced and the entertainment was great!!!

Prince Umukoro

Great service. Enjoyed all recommendations. Prices aren't ridiculous either

Godfrey Ainooson

Great party spot

Paul Samson

best time in a long time

Armando Medina

Its alright

Ketura Samedi

They are the worst people to do business with seriously.

nelson medina

Old school Cv is the best nite

arlindo alves

Had lots of fun

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