Yama Fuji

1190 N Main St, Providence
(401) 228-7805

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Alex Montty

Food is flavorful and clean.The drinks were great.I have been quite a few times and don't mind going back.

Joshoa Craven

Look.. yama fuji is a little pricey, but it's 100% worth it. I personally recommend the 7 princess roll. I just bought 5 of them. Tonight is birthday and I'm going to be a fat boy. Don't worry. Only 3 of them are for me.

Kevin A.

We really enjoyed the Maki. Ordered Spicy White Tuna and 2 Alaska Rolls. Fresh and delicious!

Theodore H.

Best sushi in Rhode Island if you eat in, not so good if you get delivery. Owners need to learn how to be polite over the phone. They really seem annoyed when you call.

Dominick Barata

I order from Yama Fuji all the time and typically never have issues with my orders. However, my most recent take-out order had a small piece of hard sharp metal in my food. I was so surprised because like I said, I’ve never had an issue before, but I feel grossed out and very concerned. Luckily, I noticed it was in my food because I could have chipped a tooth or worse I could have swallowed it! Who knows what health issues that could have caused! I’m very disappointed.

Holly D.

I have ordered from Yama Fuji so many times and I typically have no issues. but the most recent take-out order I got had a small piece of sharp metal in my food. I was so surprised because, like I said I've never had an issue. But now I feel grossed out and pretty concerned because if I wouldn't have realized it was in my food, I could have chipped a tooth by chewing it or worse I could have swallowed it! and who knows what health issues that could have caused. I'm very disappointed

Jennifer Pedronan

Sushi wasn't the freshest but all our other entrees were yummy. The service was great, our waitress was very attentive.

Viviana Gonzalez

Tried it for the 1st time the other day and the food was great and reasonably-priced. Everyone in my family loved it too - my sister and niece love to go there. We ordered sushi, sesame chicken, rice, pu pu platter, some jalapeño appetizer, nim chow, pad Thai, and more, and everyone loved it.

Lisa K.

This used to be my go-to for salmon/tuna sashimi - I'd order at least once a week. However, over the past couple of months, the quality of the sashimi has been hit or miss, at best - of the four orders I placed in that time period, three contained fish that was definitely not fresh (and one made me sick the entire next day). The white tuna and salmon hand rolls I received last night were questionable - fishy smell and taste. Not completely inedible but right on the edge. The saving grace is that the noodle dishes and Chinese food are always good (delicious pad thai!). Not sure what is going on, but, at least for now, I will be getting my sashimi elsewhere.

Zito Medeiros

Had great rolls with akai rice which is ver high in fiber and can actually lower your blood sugar. This akai rice allows me to have sushi without worrying about sugar spikes of regular rice. They had Dogfish 60 for an IPA and St. Pauli Girl for non alcoholic beer. The staff was friendly and service was quick. There is off street parking to the left of the building.

Josh V

Good food, very tasty overall. The boneless spare ribs were good but a little fatty. Portions were okay for combination plates.

WalkDeadMan (Walk_Dead_Man)

Great place to go for a quiet night out. The staff is polite and on time. Food is great they have a seafood bar where you can watch the cook make your meal

Edward Catanzaro

Excellent and delicious. Always fresh and authentic.


Took 45 minutes to bring out our roll, had to bag it as we stood at the counter paying since they didn't bring it out as an appetizer.. they also made a huge sushi boat for a couple before ours came out. Have ordered food online before but won't be again and won't be going back unfortunately.

Alicia Dean

Portions are a bit small for entrée meals. That was disappointing. However Sushi was good. Salmon had a great texture. Flavor of everything was awesome except for the miso. Tasted like water very bland. All in all just ok.

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