Edmund's Oast

1081 Morrison Dr, Charleston
(843) 727-1145

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Ashley G.

Another great experience but so different from my first review. Came for "going away" happy hour and enjoyed lots of tasty drinks outside and two entrees. If you haven't tried their frozen Paloma, GO NOW!! It's so tasty, just be sure you have a DD if you have a few of them. We also had the Shrimp Poboy Sandwich and Italian Sub. Both were super tasty and so reasonably priced! If you're in the mood for some great outdoor drinks and food, go check out EO for a good time!

Andrew H.

Super overpriced for below par pub food. And my GF got immediately sick from their pickled shrimp. Avoid.

Sarah W.

This place confuses me a tad. First of all, half of our party ended up at the brewery while the other half ended up here, because what each of these establishments stands to achieve is, well, confusing! When I sat down outside at the restaurant and looked at the menu, I was, well, confused! Was I at a brewery specializing in beer, and if this was a restaurant, why weren't there more options? My eyes are always peeled for vegan and vegetarian options, of course, and these are not aplenty at this joint. I ended up getting a salad without any protein on it -- the crunch salad -- and a goddess dressing that I'm sure wasn't vegan. There was also a weird spice/cheese(?) dusting on top and no one knew for sure what it was. It certainly wasn't listed on the menu. I ate the whole salad because I was hungry - and it was a great sized portion for lunch - and it was satisfying. But I'm still not sure what's stopping Edmund's RESTAURANT from adding some more variety to the menu, including some plant based foods. I ordered a margarita - it appeared they only had a couple types of liquor on hand - which was satisfying too. The "mac n peas," an interesting take, was made with curry, and wasn't exactly "cheesy," only thick, which should have been made more clear on the menu, wethinks. All in all, it was late in the afternoon and we were starving, so were we satisfied? Yes. But were we overjoyed and writing home about this place? No we were not. And it's not only because we didn't have a pen.

Jessica P.

My husband and I ended up stopping here after the place next door had no availability. We were pleasantly surprised at how nice it was! Very cool decor inside and an awesome outdoor seating area, which was pet friendly! The food we ordered was absolutely amazing! Fried chicken was perfect, and pasta salad was delicious. My burger was really good as well. Desserts were top notch. And to top it all off, prices were very fair. My overly picky husband is ready to visit again (I am too)!

Joie B.

Calling this place a restaurant is a stretch. They did give us our money back though. Over priced. Food is too salty and low grade. The beer and the bar tender with the nice mustache seemed like the only reason to come honestly. I spent way too much money on this meat mash and low low grade prosciutto. To add cheese was another $17. Thank god I didn't go the cheese route or I would have walked out. They were very nice when they were hearing us out about our experience!

June C.

I give one star for environment. It's a super great outside bar with a nice vibe. However, the food was very bad especially for the price... The "charcuterie board" was embarrassing honestly. Worst prosciutto I've ever had. The bread was stale, the greens were bad/cold, and the other meat was very questionable. To add cheese was SEVENTEEN DOLLARS. The Caesar salad is basically lettuce covered in mayonnaise, no flavor. All aspects of this food scream mediocre and overpriced. Go somewhere else unless you're looking for a fun outside bar and good beer. I will say, they gave us our money back when we talked to them about the food. They were very sorry and wanted to make sure we left a little happier.

Stephanie Reinhardt

The charcuterie board with cheese was amazing. We got that and the curried veggies and that was more than enough for 2 for dinner, including leftovers. The decor was unique, and the staff was welcoming.

Matthew Parker

Wow. Everything was delicious, but especially the (curry) mac & peas. The peanut butter and jelly beer was definitely true to its name, but more of a novelty than something I would order repeatedly.

Rhiannon Gammack

Edmonds Oast is always on our list of places we must stop at when we visit Charleston. The food is great, drinks are crafted perfectly, amazing beer selection and professional wait staff. We love both locations!

N. S.

Good beer, the best burger I've had in a while, and insanely good (and huge...and cheap!) cinnamon roll bread pudding.

Heather R.

The outdoor area is super cute and we went here for dinner and some beer tasting. I wish they did flights! I tried the strawberry vanilla shortcake beer and the blonde ale, which were good. But the food menu is crazy, they barely offer any entrées but tons of desserts and the food really wasn't that great. It was hard to find things to order because a lot of the things feel out of left field or have one ingredient that puts you off so we got a bunch of sides mostly. I did like the Mac and Peas that had some curry in there, but it wasn't advertised as so on the menu. The rice and beans were pretty spicy which also wasn't stated on the menu. The cheese plate was good, but barely any bread/crackers. The garden salad was really well done. Maybe getting chicken and dessert is the way to do it here? Overall we didn't really see what all the hype was about with this place after many people recommended it.

Jack G

Best fried chicken I have had in my entire life! Amazing food, beer and service. The atmosphere of this place is very classy but a little rustic and southern themed. They have a beautiful large outdoor space along with the great indoor dining area and a huge bar. Many different beers on tap. Our server was wondering and attentive. The fried chicken was incredible, and so was the beer. I had a peanut butter and jelly beer and it was way better then I thought it would be. Perfect balance of flavors and it almost makes your mouth feel like you are eating peanut butter. Highly recommend!

Kiefer Smith

I love Edmund’s Oast beer. It’s fantastic.The restaurant is expensive. The food was good, but seating is outdoor only for now and food / drink is served in disposable containers. Not quite a five-star experience. Pretty sure beers were not sold in a standard pint. Also, the toilet wouldn’t flush.Four stars because the food and beer was good.

Robert Paflitzko

I've been to Edmund's Oast's Exchange several times over the years. Only until recently did I learn there was a restaurant next door. The Creamsicle was my choice on draft. I bought PIVO because I know that means beer in Czech.

Lu R.

Tremendous fried chicken! We suspect they brine it in turmeric and cumin and the end result was both succulent and provided layers of flavor. Go original--something this good doesn't need any sauce. But if you do want sauce, get it on the side so you can experience the chicken on its own first. All the sides we ordered were good--- the stewed collards were almost like an Okra tomato curry, the red beans and rice were savory, and the pasta salad was refreshing--- but next time we won't bother ordering sides. Just chicken. It's really all you need. We also did a chef's choice dessert flight of four. Better than most peach cheesecake, a couple really rich and decadent chocolate pies/cake, but the nana puddin brought it all home for us! They also had an excellent selection of beer, great and fast service, and great outdoor seating. This place is on our short list of places we'll hit again the next time we're in Charleston.

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