Lewis Barbecue

464 N Nassau St, Charleston
(843) 805-9500

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Vince Kline

Some of the Best BBQ ! Friendly and quick service.

Terri Bowen

Great bbq!! I got the pulled pork. Very tender!

Lisa Palermini

Great food and very busy. Customer service was great


BBQ - We ended up going to Lewis Barbecue. OMG - this was some of the best BBQ I have had - and I love BBQ and have sampled it many places and in many states including in Texas and KC. Lewis BBQ ranks high up on my list. You order the meat by weight - so my wife had 1/4lb of turkey and 1/4lb of pulled pork - while I went with 1/3 lb of brisket and 1/3 lb of pulled pork. We each got two sides. Collard greens (which she raved about) and potato salad for my wife and for me - fries and green chile corn pudding (which was outstanding) The meats were all outstanding . And this was budget friendly as all that plus a couple soft drinks cost us around $41 total


This place has great tasting bbq . However the process of getting the food and beverage is a very chaotic and stressful dinning experience, especially if you have younger children, have any special needs or prefer a more relaxed dining experience. The order of getting food and then your drink is not very well planned. Once you get your food you have to work your way back through the food line to get your beverage. There is no table service so you have to work your way through this line to get a refill as well. Which by the way has a long line as well because the one small drink station is not sufficient enough to serve the restaurant based on large capacity capabilities. If this restaurant is even somewhat busy you are better off taking it To go. I also don’t understand why they don’t offer plates instead of paper bags to eat off of. Over all Charleston has better bbq restaurants with better experience for the cost of their bbq.


We had the best BBQ in Charleston. We went on a Thursday and the special of the day, Brisket Pastrami Reuben, was fanastic with generous amounts of brisket, perfectly smoked with tasty cheese sauce and saur kraut on a buttery toasted bun. My 19 yo had 2 lbs of pulled pork because he has food allergies and they were able to feed him safely along with sides. The rest of the family had pulled pork sandwiches and said it was the best they have ever had. Pickles were great. Loved the mac and cheese, creamy with crusty cheese top. Well worth it.


Everyone we talked to , told us to try Lewis Barbecue. It was awesome. Simple menu, so don’t be intimidated by the line to order. Lots of indoor and outdoor seating in a fun casual environment. We split the pulled pork sandwich and an order of the brisket. They ask you if you want fatty or lean! Love that, because fatty is not my favorite. We had two sides, the Mac and cheese and corn pudding with jalapeños. The pulled and pork and brisket were delicious. Great charred taste and tender as can be. We saw several people with the brisket nachos and they looked incredible. Great hangover food!!


Ok... So, I am snobby when it comes to BBQ. There is only one kind and that is Eastern NC whole hog. However, I am willing to try new things and did this on the recommendation of a friend who raves about this place. The collards were very good but, full of stems. I can not for the life of me understand why this is the way they cook em. The mac and cheese was perfect and the sweet tea was on point! The brisket ( lean) was good and looked very nice. The pulled pork was sad. It had some kind of seasoning on it and it tasted like liquid smoke flavoring. I couldn't eat it. It looked pretty but, I couldn't eat it. Yes, I felt bad leaving that hunk of meat on that tray but, it was not good. Now... Something yall need to know before you go rolling up in this place is that they out everything on one tray and there is no plates. They give you a piece of paper to use as a plate. I wish I would of known that before going. There was a line but, it moved VERY fast. There was plenty of tables inside and outdoors too. The parking was not an issue at all.

Jonathan French

Unbelievable BBQ that tasted great and for a decent price. The meat was cooked perfectly and you can choose your type of cut (lean or fatty). The sides we got were the cole slaw and the jalapeno pudding (I think was the name)...some of the best food I have had in Charleston. Nice outdoor seating, too, which was perfect for when we ate in the Summer. Definitely worth the line, which was a bit long.


Wow what a great amount of food and very tasty with the sauces. Try the green one it was spectacular. Ribs fell Off the bone and the brisket was awesome. Didn’t get to try the turkey, but my family loved it. Being able to Order online was superb!

Jamel M.

Lewis Barbecue was my wife and I's first stop for our honeymoon in Charleston. Literally right off the plane with our luggage. Great choice! Coming from Kansas City, the home of the world's best BBQ, Lewis Barbecue is right up there with some of the heavy hitters! We both got the same thing (chopped beef, pulled pork, and sausage sandwich) along with some great sides (potato salad and green chili corn pudding). All solid choices! The line looked intimidating but it wasn't bad and we got in, ordered, and sat down in less than 10 minutes.

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We came to Charleston and decided to do a bbq taste off between 2 of the highly recommended spots in the area. “All hail the king” is right!Where to start, how about the service, everyone was friendly but most importantly the ordering and getting your food was quick! The flow was well thought through and executed! We got the brisket sandwich and pulled pork, both incredible flavor and you could even see the smoke rim! The sides(corn pudding, slaw and fries) were delicious! The dirt pie great way to end it all! But I’d also like to mention that I appreciate that the sauces complemented the meats so well. Take away - voting this place Charleston King of BBQ! 10/10!!

Jeremy Yehle

What an incredibly great meal! Brisket, pork ribs, hot guts(sausage), mac and cheese, coleslaw, and fries. Everything was absolutely perfect including a few different sauces that we had. Being from Bangor, Maine I'm certainly not an authority on BBQ, but I can say it's hands down the best BBQ experience I've had.

Jun L.

This line was ridiculous! NC loves its BBQ ..! We luckily arrived before the huge rush of people - we still waited about 40 mins for the food. Well worth it though! The mixed drinks are potent but delicious. There are also local brews as well. I thought the ribs and brisket were superb. The pulled pork is .. meh. Could've used a little more smokiness and flavor. Hot guts homemade sausage is unique and spicy! I wish they had lamb ribs .. but those are hard to find. The sauces were tasty, collards excellent. Come early if you want to avoid a 1.5 h wait


Definitely a dependable place for bbq. Nothing too fancy about the flavors, smokes, or tenderness of the beefs. The different sauces all taste the same (the tangy versus the regular). Perks are that the sides come in HUGE amounts as well as generous helpings of the pickled onions and pickles. The barbecued meats just taste like good barbecue. Boyfriend said the smoke on the sausage was pretty good.

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