R. Kitchen

212 Rutledge Ave, Charleston
(843) 789-4342

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Evan Correale

The food and experience was outstanding. Truly 5 stars. This was our most memorable dining experience in Charleston. Chefs Johnny and Patrick are great. We had a five course meal and a bottle of Italian wine; beginning with croquettes, soup, salad, mac n cheese, and dessert. All the dishes were freshly cooked and very tasty. We will come back every time we visit Charleston. One recommendation - request to sit in main kitchen/dining area.

Missy Haas

Excellent culinary experience. You don't get a say, so enjoy the food! Reservations required! Casual attire.

Bryan Jackson

Great experience! Fun, casual atmosphere that encourages interaction with the staff and fellow patrons. And the food was delicious!


My wife, daughters,son-in-laws, and I enjoyed a one of kind experience at R Kitchen. I will say its underwhelming upon entry as there are six stools along a counter facing the kitchen. Pots and pans strewn about along with ingredients and utensils made for a chaotic start. But that's part of the charm along with the engaging personalities of the owner/chefs! Its all gravy from there. I enjoy cooking and I really appreciated the joy and fun the 2 owners injected into the experience. A 5 course meal of this caliber for $50.00 was a great deal ! I especially enjoyed the cheesy potato soup that had a hot chile edge that kept you on your toes. The duck breast was prepared perfectly and the berry cobbler for desert capped off a very interesting evening.

Mariya Grishin

Very interesting experience! Highly recommend when visiting Charleston if you want to try something different! Menu is different every day and the dish names are very clever! Had the best scallop and peach strudel from scratch with home-made whipped cream! One note- if you like your steak well done like me or have any food allergies, definitely let them know ahead of time! The chef was kind enough to cook my steak for some extra time and it was delicious!


This was the best meal we had while in Charleston and one of the best we have had anywhere! The flavors were amazing, the menu well planned, and the experience just plain fun! If you have to pick one place from the top ten (we ate at four) then this is the one to choose.

Rachel V.

This spot was the most unique and fun way to eat. DEFINITELY worth going to!!! It was the highlight of our trip to Charleston/Sullivan's island. We had a ton of great food on our trip but this was by far the best experience and food of all. Sit at the bar top if you can! Parking can be confusing but best advice- just park. Doors open promptly at 6 and 8. Food was AMAZING talking with the chefs was AMAZING! They were personable and engaging! Can't recommend this place enough


Excellent food at a bar table in a small kitchen. This is not a restaurant experience, but a tiny kitchen. Very very basic so don't expect anything fancy. We had a 5 course tasting menu with a cheese pie, soup, salad, veggies and the entree. I'm vegetarian and they were able to accomodate that. The food was great, better than some award winning restaurants. You can see the chefs cooking and plating.


This place is some sort of joke. The food is absolutely pedestrian and is in no way special. Ambiance is zero. We had hoped for a special experience and weren’t deterred by the unconventional premises; however, this was a total dud. I can’t imagine how it continues to get good reviews and reservations that must be made weeks in advance. Even the wine was apparently straight from the grocery store—no attempt at pairing. Given all the wonderful restaurants in Charleston, I recommend giving this place a pass.


Great experience. This is not a fine dining restaurant-it’s a bar in a quaint commercial kitchen. The chefs are excellent and the hostess was too. All three worked together to provide great service and entertainment. The food was fine dining level but without the fuss. It was entertaining to watch them cook and prepare everything we ate. Everything was clean and they handled the food with gloves during plating. We had (5) courses: a fresh snap pea soup, grilled corn salad, steak, jambalaya and matcha cannoli for dessert. Wine beer and non-alcoholic beverages were available and offered frequently. I loved this experience and the food was delicious! Reservation communication was also very easy and I received fast responses.


This is certainly a one of a kind experience. To watch the chefs prepare and explain the food is educational and entertaining. This should be listed as one of the best experiences in Charleston. Visitors to Charleston who don't check this out have seriously missed out.

Molly M.

What a cool experience R Kitchen was! I highly recommend this restaurant. My husband and I sat at the bar and had a nice 5 course meal. We loved everything the chefs made. Haven't been anywhere like this before- 5 stars!

Richard D.

Charleston at its finest Southern hospitality at its best. Service outstanding, appetizers and dinner fantastic and dinning experience amazing, Each chef personalized the experience. Every part of the dinner experience appeared effortlessly while each chef worked in unison with each other all while providing personal attention to every costomer. I also have to add that RKitchen on line booking was fast, professional and friendly. I recommend booking three weeks in advance. I highly recommend Rkitchen.

Brendan G.

We went to the R Kitchen in West Ashley. I'm am so glad I found this restaurant. A unique dining experience and one I would do again given the opportunity. A different menu every day, the chef owner Ross prepared a 5-course meal in front of us providing details and insight where the ingredients came from and his inspiration. It is not often you can have a great, reasonably priced dinner where your group fondly remembers it for days afterwards, but this is the place! Winner, winner chicken (and steak) dinner!

Evan J.

One of the greatest dining experiences of my life. If you are in the area, this place is a MUST. I highly recommend sitting at the counter if possible, so that you can see the action. It truly feels like being welcomed into someone's kitchen, which I suppose is the vibe they're going for. You can see all of the preparation, as well as all of the improvisation, mistakes and successes... It's captivating to watch culinary geniuses at play. The menu is whatever the chefs are feeling like making, so you get what you get and don't get upset. But you won't be upset because the food will blow you away. These chefs are artists. The whole dining experience was fantastic, start to finish. Incredible atmosphere and possibly the best food at this price range I've ever had.

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