44 & King

515 44th Ave N, Myrtle Beach
(843) 626-5464

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Martha AugustinBash

Great food and service.I would recommend to all my family and friends

Selena Standford

Delicious food. awesome service. give this place a try.

Vicky Williams

Great service Great food Great price, Great Time


I got a Cobb salad without bacon. There were about 4 cherry tomatoes, 1/3 of a cucumber, a ton of onions, some corn, a small amount of egg and a small amount of lettuce. Call me crazy but I expect a salad to have a decent amount of vegetables. But like most restaurants this one assumes you’re only eating a salad if it’s drenched in dressing and covered in bacon. Some of us..gasp..like vegetables. ?The hummus & carrots were good. It tastes just like the Stacy’s red pepper hummus though. I wish they didn’t deep fry the lavash that comes with it. It tastes good without being fried.This restaurant was a definite miss for me.

John Deery

Wait time was very minimal, drink suggestions were good, food was delicious. Saw lots of families here, wouldn't hesitate to bring our kids next time.

Bob Simpson

Nice menu pleasant service. Food is better than average. Fun beer selection.People need to stop yelling about wait times. all restaurants are short handed because of covid-19. They do their best.

Sean Segal

Been twice now. Both times surprised at the rudeness of the hosts. First time, waiter with a great attitude made it better. Not so much this time. Food is pretty good, but with so many restaurants in town, not worth it.

Katherine McIntire

Had a lovely first experience at the bar with Breann(a?) while waiting for my haircut appointment. Fast and friendly service ?

Chris Aichholz

I had the BBQ Platter - brisket was 5 ⭐ ribs, pulled pork were solid, pulled chicken was a bit dry, Cole slaw was alright, Mac and cheese was good. Great server!!

Kathy N H.

This place is simply the best! While waiting my kids were able to play cornhole and connect4 while I sat in a rocking chair listening to live music. We didn't even have to wait long during dinner hours too. The restaurant was packed too. We watched the bartender making drinks before we had order our cocktails. He made them perfects and you could tell he was experienced. Bravo bartenders! Taylor was our waitress. I highly recommend asking fir her. I'm sure the other servers are great as well but we had Taylor and highly recommend her. She was multi tasking, quick and on point with refills. Food arrive and everything was just how we had ordered. No problems, nothing missing. Food was outstanding! Lots of flavor and delicious. We're a family of five and everyone left happy with our bellies full! This place is highly recommended! We will definitely tell everyone about 44&kings!

Varian T.

What type of restaurant runs out of beef brisket, ok I accept that. Then I order a ribeye steak, ok they bring everyone at my table there food and then inform me that they have run out of ribeye steaks. WOW.....

Art S.

I want to love this place i really do. The food was v good and so we're the drinks but... they need to get their act together with the hostess and seating We waited for a table for well over an hour but largely because when we checked in w the hostess and said we would wait at the bar, for some dumb reason she crossed us off completely. why? no idea but when something like that happens and you completely screw people over you need to make amends somehow a drink an app, something anyway nice place otherwise and can't complain about the food it was very good if i was the chef and owner id be more on top of the service

James H.

What a great place way better than the overhyped Carolina roadhouse they had live music on the patio giant connect four corn hole and bocce ball while you wait for a table and man was it worth the wait all the food was cooked to perfection ribeye was great ribs were great pork chops were great cocktails were amazing bartenders really did a great job service was top notch Taylor did a great job like I said come here instead of Carolina roadhouse that place is garbage 44 and king is the best place in Myrtle beach

Patti C.

his was a disaster from start to finish. We actually researched before going on vacation and this was on the list. Every way we turned it was bad. Yes we have iced tea, but when she brought it, "Sorry we don't have any lemons." Ordered chicken and waffles to share. When it came, no bacon jam, so they gave us Buffalo sauce. When we asked for some Waitress said, "we are out, they are making some more now." We we're done. No brisket but that was fine. When the sampler platter came, no pickles. We asked, " OH, I'll get some." They were one the menu. Never brought the sour dough bread that comes with the platter. " oh, we are out of bread." The manager did come out and apologized on how busy they have been and did make amends. But really? The group behind us was worse. There were four people. Three got their dinners, the fourth person didn't get anything. The manager said they were out of ribeyes.... didn't they know when he ordered? They really brought three dinners out and gave him an apology. He didn't order anything cause everyone was eating their food and he had nothing. Talk about mis-managing things. My drink was delicious....good thing! It made the disaster easier to handle.

Sharie K.

Chicken and waffle sliders and fried okra and the sweet potato grits and classic hamburger = fabulous all! Lovely service, too!

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