Captain George's Seafood Restaurant

1401 29th Ave N, Myrtle Beach
(843) 916-2278

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I have eaten at this resturant several times and never had a bad meal BUT this time it was HORRIBLE!!!!! First the hostess took us to a table she wasn't sure if people were sitting at our not. She made us stand there until she SLOWLY walked back to hostess stand to find out. We finally were seated at another table because yes, that first table was taken. The food wasn't very good. The Crab Imperial tasted like cheap mustard and pickles. Fried shrimp were sooooooo chewy. Then on to the crab legs.................. they were like putting a spoon of salt in your mouth and chewing on it. I have never thrown uneaten crab legs away but tonight I did. When we came back from getting some deserts (they weren't good either. Whole cloves in the baklava that tasted of nothing but cloves and cinnamon, soupy banana pudding, nasty "cheesecake" yuck!) our table had been cleared and our waitress was setting it up for new customers. When she saw me return she tried to cover by saying she didn't know who or why someone had cleared our table but she would get us new drinks. Very disappointed in the place.


Great buffet of seafood all u can eat but it's expensive my wife don't eat much and are bill was over a 100$ so if u go to this place make sure your dam hungry so u can get your money's worth


This was my second time here and I feel it was the worth of what they charge $45.99. The plates were a nice size and it had a better taste than the local competitor. I like the taste of the food and the layout of the buffet. I like the fact that they didn’t sneak in a gratuity, like their competitor.


Pricey but veryvery good . Big sekection .the wait line moved fast go early . Crab legs were excellent


The set up is really nice. Building is huge. Selection is pretty good. The food was good, crab legs were the main attraction and did not disappoint. The cost however was far more than advertised and certainly not worth it for us. $122, including tip, was far more than expected for a buffet. Our waitress was above average and was not fond of those running the joint. If money is no object, this is the place for you.


This place will always be a stop for me when I'm in Myrtle. Living in a place that doesn't have seafood like this I make sure I get my moneys worth. It can be slightly expensive but I tell myself that it's worth it and it is!


We have been to this place a few times over the years and never had any issues with the quality of food or price or service. This last trip the service was lousy and the cost has gone way up and I understand that restaurants need to try and recoup some of their losses fro. The previous Covid year but come on...there were 3 adults and 1 child and it was $190 with no bar drinks and the quality of the food was lousy as well. Its the same story maximize profits and quality goes down. I never write reviews on here at all either just think you could spend the money doing something else

Suzy W.

If you're into cooked seafood, this is the place for you. There's a big selection to satisfy your hankering. Fried all sorts of seafood, soups, steam/broiled seafood, and all the snow crab legs you can eat. The selection of items is very impressive, the service was good. Although, this is the only location I've been too for Captain George, I wonder if they're all created equal. Make sure you come with an appetite!

Barclay W.

We had the opportunity to dine with Capt George. I am a big Yelp fan and a 4 means above average. Unfortunately steely not Our experience. We arrived at 7 and the oysters steamed were out. We ordered off the menu and the food was only average. Too much volume gives way to a lack of quality. If You go go early.

Mouf K.

A very large space that will be filled with people scrambling for seconds and more. Food was pretty good. Lots to choose from. Parking was easy. Wasn't a long wait but we got there early. I ate a lot of peel-n-eat shrimp. Snow crab legs took a lot of effort but I had a few. Didn't try of the non-shellfish items. I kept it pretty simple. My son loved the mussels and crawfish.


There are a lot of seafood buffets in the area and this one is top notch. The ambiance is a little more upscale than the others but basically same food. We even went twice during our visit. There is plenty for seafood and non seafood lovers. My only issue was with the woman passing out the crab legs, both my daughter and I struggled to get more than 1 yet my fiance would get 2 or 3. And yes they have REAL ICE CREAM!

Tara W.

I was googling best seafood places in the area. Came across this one. Asked a few friends who have tried it out, they said it was a must so we decided to try it. Opens at 3, got there at 3:15 and already a wait to be seated. Great food, but doesn't offer much for kids. I had a 12 year old who loves crab legs, but impatient 4 and 2 year olds who didn't want to eat anything. Beautiful restaurant and very clean otherwise.

Riann M.

I love captain george's!! the waiters were so kind and buffet was set up nicely and also very delicious:)

Bailey Alexander

This place was sooo good! The staff here is excellent and the food is just amazing! Love how big the buffet is and how many options of seafood they have to choose from. It’s a very busy place and we did have to wait awhile but that is expected for a good place and we didn’t mine waiting at all we had drinks outside while we waited for our table. We will visit here all the time from now one best seafood we have found yet!

Amanda B.

So clean! So good! Food here has always been good, and the atmosphere is a bit more refined, not so "feeding trough". But, for Covid? This place is still so, so, so, clean. They were seating every other table for social distancing, which was great. I talked my youngest into coming to ONE more buffet, and he was extremely happy at the food and cleanliness and social distancing. Definitely recommend, highly!

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Captain George's Seafood Restaurant

1401 29th Ave N, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
(843) 916-2278