Soho Steak & Seafood Sushi Bar

407 21st Ave N, Myrtle Beach
(843) 443-9441

Recent Reviews

Rachel Q.

We came to this restaurant on a whim. Ordered Trashcans(beverage) which was pretty good and a signature mule. Waited a bit to be seated but it was pretty busy. Sat on the roof top which was a nice vibe (other than the large party with 50 million children at 9:30 at night). Ordered the Thai chicken as the appetizer (good). Chicken and Steak Hibachi entree was very large. The lamb chops were just ehh. Not worth $34 in my opinion (lacked seasoning). I would recommend the restaurant. Would love to try the sushi next time.


My first time coming to this restaurant! Great customer Service and the food was good. At the end Tamara came around took a group picture which was clear and captured us all.

Chelsea M.

Food here was good and the rooftop ambience was nice. It was a little off-putting having drinks served in styrofoam cups - it was a weird contradiction to the classier environment of the restaurant. Silverware and sake cups also came dirty and I had to ask for it to get replaced.


This was the only one of 6 places we checked in the immediate area that was able to accommodate our party of 6 without a reservation and without a lengthy wait (45-90 minutes) at most places. Note: Book early! Most restaurants in Myrlte Beach that do take reservations (a lot don't) book up early. This place was busy and very noisy. Our servers were excellent, efficient and friendly. They easily answered our questions about the menu. The food was very good. All in all a great experience. Will definitely return.

Sitota T.

Server doesn't pay attention to orders, roaches everywhere, server didn't even apologize for forgetting our food and had the audacity to say no.. you didn't place an order...; they automatically put 20% gratuity I guess they don't care about giving good service

Robert T

We heard a lot about this place. All we came into contact recommended...add me to the list. Service is very attentive even during busy hours. Food is executed well and flavor profiles hit home. Shrimp shumai was fantastic and libations are great as well. Good times to be had here!

Victoria Roy

Absolutely wonderful; seriously, everything was perfect. There wasn't a wait for seating even though we had a decent sized group, the staff was incredibly nice, attentive, and helpful. Bathrooms were clean and well stocked. And the food..wowza it was so good!! The sushi was amazing and they had soon many options it was hard to choose! They also had the bento style lunches that were great for trying a little bit of everything. The bar was beautiful and my friend tried a few of their cocktails that were really delicious. I 100% recommend trying this place if you get the chance!!

Sarah Anne

Absolutely fantastic! The fat crab sushi roll was amazing. Also had the bang bang chicken and shrimp which was also excellent. Great service and fun atmosphere. Will definitely be back!!

Rob Wilson

This a really well run restaurant that deals with the summer crowds and short staff conditions with ease. My wife and I had sushi and rolls and everything was fresh and very good. I would call this place a trendy restaurant and nightclub with a great scene and singing that is hard to find in MB.

Kennedy L.

Looks are deceiving. Food was extremely salty, honestly uneatable. Got the steak hibachi with fried rice. Steak looked and tasted like shoe leather and fried rice was just rice drowned in soy sauce. Do not recommend. Server was awesome, not his fault the food was terrible.

Stephen P.

Definitely overdelivered vs expectations as we weren't expecting fresh sushi with much flavor, but were actually pleasantly surprised at the choices, presentation and overall quality, as it was much better than expected. The service was also solid as this place did a much better job hustling, keeping drinks refilled, getting food out and communicating wait times and such given the staffing challenges Covid has been causing various places.


We went to Soho because my sons wanted sushi, but the advertising we saw showed a variety of cusine, including steak and Italian. After being seated, our server (Lauren) explained that the resturant had just changed the menu to mostly oriental, which was dissapointing to some of us. Despite that, we ordered dinners. The dinners came out piecemeal, with a plate of food here and there over a 20 minute period. The last thing to come out was a $90 sushi boat, which 2 people split between them. Yes, the sushi boat is actually served in a small wooden boat. The biggest issue was that half of our party was finished eating before the other half got their meals. Not sure why the timing couldn't be better.

Janita Lynch

Way too much money for below average food. Also, since y’all “don’t do reservations in the summer” you might want to exclude that from your website. First of all, when we walked in, we were not even greeted, just stared at by the hostess until we came to her. She was wearing a mask (obviously her preference) and wasn’t speaking loud enough, and then proceeded to yell at us when we couldn't hear her. We were not offered to wait at the bar for a table, we were only asked “bar or outside?”. Sushi was dry and could’ve been way better for less money. The bar staff was very nice though! I won’t say anything about the bar staff, who we were very pleased with, but having a mandatory amount of gratuity added just shows that there are no incentives for the wait staff, who clearly don’t care about giving the customers a good experience, either way, they’re getting tipped so they’re happy right? Mandatory gratuity = red flag.

Christopher L.

This was our first time at Soho. We were there around 11:30 on a Thursday. Contrary to the other reviews, everything we had was very good. The only thing that needed a little more was the Tuna Tataki. The flavor wasn't quite there, but with a little salt added, it was very good. The Soho Roll with the Jalapeño had a nice kick at the end. My wife got the Filet Hibachi lunch and everything about it was good and very fresh, like everything we ordered. For our trip to Myrtle Beach, this was the best restaurant we visited. It's definitely worth stopping by.


First time eating here & probably will not be returning. I ordered surf and turf-steak & lobster. I usually never complain about my food, but my steak was horrible. The smell was worse than the garbage can outside. We needed up settling everything with the waitress.

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