1029 Edgefield Rd, North Augusta
(803) 426-8237

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Jarvis Jennings

I’f I could I’d give it no stars this place is horrible I wish it was a cook out instead the people are very ghetto and the register is always down and they close way before time this visit was the worse very small portion of food and they didn’t give me a drink that I paid for please avoid going here ever be aware

Jay smith

They atmosphere it's good cuz she kind of back in time for the food's good too

Jessica Rodriguez

I really like checkers. This checkers I will never visit again because of the employees that are very rude and unprofessional. When a customer is standing outside a window waiting to order their food they should come to the window and greet them to take their order.These workers or incompetent of being nice to the customers. They surely let you know by body language what they are thinking about you. I wish they had better attitudes about their job.


Traveling through w my boyfriend, we decided to stop here...The girl working the intercom (Brittany) was very rude & aggressive, she should probably bag the food instead, because you dont rush paying customers to order. However, our order was hot & fresh.

Douglas Brown

They prepared my order of food. and got quick

Jen Rodgers

Holy cow! What ever you do don't try the wicked strawberry icecream cone. Beyond disgusting. Blach

Ms. P

I would have given a higher rating, if the employees weren't laughing it up amongst themselves, with masks hanging from their ears and not covering their mouths... During this Delta Variant Season.

Nicoll Pistorius

I don't remember a time in my mind that not only was all of the food very tasty, the staff was also very well organized, informed, helpful, and most of all KIND! I highly recommend this location. I'm not sure if it's a franchise or corporate but please, check them out. And be kind to the staff!

lou lou

Oil has a weird taste, so the fries ? has that overused oil taste. Chicken sandwich, the chicken taste hard and weird taste, not juicy not soft. I used to love this brand and their fries was my favorite out of all the fast food chain, but this location was such a disappointment. I had to threw away everything I purchased, reorder from burger king across the street.

Monica Lewinsky

I’ve contact cooperate! Horrible customer service Gm haven’t reached out yet either !


Burgers were delish, fries were hot, apple pies were hot, and soda was refreshing! Great service!6/30/21*Need to change your fryer oil! Fries were hot, but they tasted horrible. :/

Pamela Andrews

That big Buford is so good. You get two big burgers for $6.00.I went back today June 28th and the Big Buford was just as before, excellent!!!!!! The sprite was not good at all. That batch should have been poured down the drain. I will go again but will not purchase a sprite!!

Get it how you live production

Waited for over 10 minutes and never got my food I had to ask for a refund. Worst service I have ever had in my life. Would not recommend for anyone to go there.

Coley Wilson

Do not order ahead because it dont help. They will not start until you get there. Defeats the purpose. Also if they are out of something they will not let you know but still charge you for it. And don't even think about making a complaint because no one will contact you back and the person with the complaint line will be extremely rude. If you are looking for customer service then stay away.

TONI Woods

Food was good, but could be a little friendlier.

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