Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

1051 Edgefield Rd, North Augusta
(803) 599-7074

Recent Reviews

Edward Garvin

Excellent service from the young man who waited on us! He was very polite and made our blizzards correctly and served them to us upside down as they should be! Definitely reccomend this Dairy Queen!

Debra Messina

Good food. Polite, friendly staff.

Joseph Middlebrooks

Great food. Time to update order board. Food prices almost doubled what is posted on the board.

Cynthia Wright

Have not been there in quite sometime but For some reason I just got a craving, a bad craving on the good side and I ordered the dipped cone now they ask me what which surprised me and I ordered the large and I was blown away at the size I had cones all my life and I had never had nor seen one that big but I tell you it was delicious and I am ready for another one just hope the cones or not stale next time

Carla Gisel Melendez

You might as well go and get all the Ingredients from Walmart , go home and cook your own things! 20 minutes we waited in the room for 2 combos just to realize they were wrong. Also every single time we come here the staff is visibly playing in the back and they food is just old or bad

Velma Harvey

Got ice cream for the kids. Service was great.Server was very friendly

Sherry George

Food was not what we ordered, service was not that good and the price had gone up.. will not be going there anymore!!

Cagney T.

I ordered 2 medium blizzards along with some other stuff, I get to the window & pay $27.21. I'm handed a small blizzard, I inform the employee that I did not order a small, I ordered 2 mediums. Another employee says "no she didn't she ordered a small now she just tryin to change it up" I informed the employee that I ordered a medium & I would like a medium. A male employee walks up & they discuss matters among themselves, the cashier says that'll be $1.17... what?? You've already swiped my card, I don't want to swipe it again for $1.17. To which the male employee responds "well if you want a medium you gonna have to pay for it" while the employee with the headset says "that's cause she ain't order no medium, she ordered a small and now she lyin". I say just forget it, I'll take the small & be on my way. The male employee replies "oh so now that you gotta pay for it you don't want it" & the employee with the headset says "cause she ain't order no medium to begin with" I ask to speak to the manager & the male employee informs me that he is the manager. I take the small blizzard & the rest of my order while the male employee says "now take your stuff & get out my drive thru"

Doretha Bartley

Love the strawberry chocolate crumble blast for a warm day.

Jessica Williams

Make sure you check you ice creams! My bf received 2 mostly melted larges one was supposed to be reeses & the other turtle thing, both have pecans for some reason. So we have 2 cups of pecan sludge.

Michael Mace

Fries were cold and stale. Had to request fresh fries.

Sharhonda Garrett

I was craving some butter finger ice cream and this is the only place I know of that had it,it was delicious ❤️❤️❤️

Shawn Hall

Service is severely lacking. of the prices are kind of outrageous. The other day I went to the drive-thru and paid almost $4 for a large fry and they wouldn't give me a dipping sauce.. today I went into the counter and stood there for a few minutes with nobody ever acknowledging that I was even there. There we're five workers there not a single one would even acknowledge me. Two girls behind the counter turned and saw me then just went back to what they were doing.

Theresa Stephens

Got a blizzard. Very good! Fast courteous service. Clean facilities.

christa winkler

If your looking for something lite the new thin mint blizzard is good

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