Sno-Cap Drive in

618 West Ave, North Augusta
(803) 279-4004

Recent Reviews

Tina Schneider

The service is good and u must try the pizza burger it isn't on the menu very good

Matthew Wilson

We had the Steakhouse burger and grilled chicken salad. Both were really good

Kara Sauls

Love it. Great food, great atmosphere! Perfect for family!

Amanda Samples

I get the smokehouse burger and oh my God it is so delicious! They have wonderful and prompt service. I'm glad I finally decided to come, we have lived in North Augusta for a year and I've been wanting to check it out. Definitely satisfied!

Robert Thatcher

Good milkshake. Good service. A little pricey for 2 milkshakes but great experience.

Heather Snellings

I am so glad the new owner decided to keep this place open!! The menu has changed since the last time I was there. Less on the menu compared to the overwhelming menu from before. I love how they serve their drinks. A beer style mug that has been chilled in a freezer. Also, check their facebook page. They do car and bike shows to help raise money for charities for certain events they do at the diner. It's a great place to bring kids to eat.

Teah May

I've always driven by this place and wanted to go cuz it looks so cute. I should have gone much sooner I'm not sure how the food is yet, but the ice cream and the root beer float are really really good. The root beer they use is from a local company and I love it!

Rob Milhous

Holy moly! We LOVE Sno-Cap! Next time you go and are super hungry get the double bacon cheeseburger, fries, and as always - the iconic frozen glass filled with ice cold Coca-Cola. Great place to ride your golf cart to if you live in or near the area!!

Kimberly Grotz

Food was good, needed some cleaning.Floor was sticky and had wrappers all over.Plenty of time to clean since there were just a couple of employees sitting.

Christopher Palmer

Classic drive-in cuisine. High quality for the price. Staff is extremely polite and friendly. A classic since 1964

maribel Meade

Nice little place... food was delicious and service was great ??

Valerie W.

Solid burger joint. You can do the drive-in, eat at one of the tables and benches outside or eat at one of the dining tables inside. I opted to go inside to place my to-go order. The place was very cute, 50s diner vibes and everyone was very friendly. I was tempted to order the root beer float (served in a frosty mug per the menu) but just opted for a regular root beer as this was my first time and it was to-go so no frosty mug. Root beer was great, more like sarsaparilla which is the taste I'm going for with a great root beer. I'm close to 30 mins away and hubby was pleased with the burger and fries when I finally made it home. Would try again if I'm in the area and will eat it in person so I can check out the float next time

Barbara Davis

The best grilled chicken sandwich I've ever had! Visiting family in Augusta and was invited to have lunch there with friends. We are outside and overall it was a great place to eat!

Shawn Collins

A local legend. The building has a funky 50's vibe. It's very cool. The food was great also. I had the chili dog. It was just enough chili so that it didn't go everywhere while trying to eat it. Their Meats come from a local butcher shop. And boy did it show. Good prices. Good food. Great service.

Ashley W

Loved this place and the old fashioned vibes! Food was also delicious with no long wait time.

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