Sonic Drive-In

1187 Knox Ave, North Augusta
(803) 279-9779

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Very poor service, had to wait 20 minutes for a kids cheeseburger to be remade that was made incorrectly initially, the young guy who came out and said he would be bringing it right back out never returned instead he left a few minutes later in a black Honda Accord with his work headset still on???

Dina Coleman

SO patheticOrder grill cheese with tomato.See it on order board.GUESS WHAT NO TOMATOjust soggy grill cheese.Employees don't care!!

Jasmine Bailey

Haley was awesome tonight. She had a great attitude while assisting us. We needed a new burger cause I'm allergic to tomatoes, she was so apologetic even though it wasn't her fault. Even came back and checked on us later :).

Lynn Beasley

Great drive in dining..1/2 price drinks on Sundays

Theresa Chavous

Was hot and in the mood for a milkshake, I was in north augusta and stopped because I think sonic has the best. So disappointed they didn't mix the shake and every time I tried to drink it I got pure chocolate . Hope that never happens again, just awful.

Chari Stephens

I used my sonic app. Which prompted my order for a quick delivery. Food was hot, and fresh.

Amberlyn Read

Worst sonic i’ve ever been to in my life. I try to give the benefit of the doubt 99% of the time.. however poor customer service and constant attitudes when I ask for the correct order that I paid for is just poor management and lazy employees. After 20 minutes waiting for a cherry slushy for my child I ended up driving off without it because they closed while I was waiting. Mind you they closed an hour early.

Timothy Carnes

Took more than 4 attempts to get the order correct. Carefree attitude and acting like we were causing a delay when it was them NOT getting the order correct.


One star because you can’t give a zero. Staff is extremely rude would not recommend giving them your business. Would file a complaint but I’m sure it wouldn’t make a difference.

Chip Mcdonald

It's a Sonic. Which means it's fine, if you know what one is and what to expect, this one was no different than any others I've been to. In the 21st century mundane consistency may be the best complement one can give.

Dennis Gordon

I only go to Sonic's after 8, half-price milk shakes (the bomb). But their lunch specials aren't bad either. It's still cool to see the car hops on the roller skates. The is menu varied, there's enough even for the most conservative palette. My favorites are the extra long coney and tots. Tell them to hold off on the salt sometimes they get a little heavy handed. Take it upon yourself next time you ride by to stop and treat yourself. As always you be the judge.

Kelly Dodds

I was so happy to finally go to a Sonic that was able to get my order correct. Car hops are always so polite.

Robin Newman Cage

Food was ok but good service. The only thing wrong was whoever fixed our shakes didn't put the lids on tightly. So both me and my husband's shakes spilled over.

Sheryl Merritt

Food is good ... the issue I have is when you get a coupon they want you to order on their app. This takes too long. Haven't been back since the waitress insisted I order.from the app. This is the one off exit 5 in North Augusta SC.

Catherine Puett Wall

This sonic really should teach their employee how to speak to costumers. They have employees who talk to people like they are idiots. When trying to order one sundae, had to wait over 10 minutes at the order box. Said hello, waited patiently because sometimes they are busy handling cars at the window. When pulled up their employee tapped their fingers at me and said “it’s not like you waited at the window. You could have pulled up.” No I couldn’t because you had a car there and I was trying to be patient and let someone take my order. No one even offered to take more order. Left without anything and just so upset. Absolutely rude. Wish this wasn’t such a bad experience.

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