Teresa's Mexican

401 W Martintown Rd, North Augusta
(803) 279-5162

Recent Reviews

Gabriela McCusker

Excellent service & fantastic food. Prices are very reasonable.

Daniel M.

Every time i come to this restaurant it's always very good. This time i got the quesadilla with beef and some queso fries. Both were quite good. I really like their burritos and their dessert flan. Teresa's rocks

Angela Evans

The food was ok at best but the service is what will prevent us going back. The bartender made incorrect drinks and we told the waitress what we ordered and then received and she acted like she didn't understand suddenly, just kept asking if we wanted lime. She took the drinks and they never got remade and later another girl came over after we sat there for 20 minutes asked if we needed anything and we said we needed the bill and also addressed our drink issue and her response was she was the one who made them so they were correct. Since when does a strawberry margarita taste like mango/orange and when is a blue margarita green? Other than them not even being the correct drinks there was zero alcohol in there, especially with the high price tag. The bartender has no idea what she is doing and no one cared about the issue and then when our check came they inflated the drink prices listing them as jumbo when we ordered "medium" and they were sent back due to being not what was ordered anyways! But they want to play the whole no comprehending thing when earlier they were wrapping silverware at a table speaking perfect English. If not for the horrible way we were treated, lack of service during the meal, and being ripped off on our bill, we probably would have went back to give other meals a chance but never again.

Deedra Griffin

Mexican is my favorite food and I was not impressed at all. Didn't eat my food after the first couple of bites. Nice clean place.

Chris Catalina

Remarkable service, friendly folks, a local fixture for Mexican fare. Lunch combos are a steal. Molcajetes and Alambres are top tier - tacos al pastor are solid as well. Great table salsa options. No charge for chips. Enchilada sauce/enchiladas leave a little to be desired, but everything else on the menu is worth having twice. Very generous cocktails and variety of Mexican beer.

Dalton Sexton

This place has some of the most efficient and best service I have ever experienced.I will Inhale a soda faster than you can blink and my glass was never empty for more than a minute and usually not empty.The portions were perfect and everything was delicious.They have the most extensive and interesting menu that I have ever seen in a Mexican restaurant.I highly recommend!

Mike Crosby

Service is excellent. The food I've noticed it is getting smaller portions. Cutting corners buying a less quality cheese maybe a tablespoon. Scour cream is a better quality maybe a teaspoon over 4 enchiladas though . Going down in quality and quantity of the food but going up on price . Need to keep quantity and quality go up on price. Still good food .

Bill Mottel

Friendly service, great tasting food reasonably priced

Michael Rhoades

Delicious mango margarita... and it's not marked up over the price of a lime margarita like every other place!

marvin tabb-walker

Very good cuisine to select from with outstanding service!!

Samuel stutt

We’ve have been coming here for years. Even through the last three owners. Food is really fast and they always have a good crowd here.

Lady Kayak Angler

Our family’s favorite restaurant! Great food and service! I live to get cheese enchiladas with rice and beans! Then I get extra cheese dip and mix it all together! So yummy!

adam sturm

We eat here at least once a week. Good, cheap food & friendly staff.

Brian M.

Cozy spot with American/Mexican food. They do have a few authentic dishes. The staff is always friendly and the booths are very cozy.

Stephen Parsons

Took nearly 30 minutes to get my take out order. Normally service is really fast here. I guess all of N Augusta had the same idea.

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