10 US-17 BUS, Surfside Beach
(843) 238-3398

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Tammy Kersey

I don't like that all if our fast food restaurants seem to be drive thru only these days. That being said, the food was disappointing. I got the mushroom swiss burger. The edges were dry. The onion rings were as hard as briquettes.My husband got the Super Star. He said that it was good, but not great.The only reason that I gave it a 3 instead of a 2 is because the girl that was at the window was polite and friendly.

peyton nogler

It takes amazing and how you would want like a burger king to taste like, highly recommend and will be going there for my business for when im craving fast foos that iant a frosty or baconator lol


All food was hot and fresh. Customer service was good too.

Jonathan Hartman

Food is good, but the outside is very dirty, and potholes in the drive-thru. The drive-thru window was littered with trash.

Karen Brown Lucas

Understaffed. Two employees. Ordered 3 combo meals. @$25. I thought that was oddly expensive. Then 2 didn't come with fries. So they charged more for our meals without fries. When I came back through for the forgotten fries, the person read back what they had as my order. I said I ordered all combo meals. They gave the fries but...according to their posted prices we paid about $5 too much. Waited 10 minutes. Had to go through again for fries. Had to argue to get the order.

Matt Wilder

Really good Gravy & Biscuits! The girls working the drive through was really nice too.

Tammy Young

I will never go here again.Rude lady in the drive through.Didn't put any sauce with my order, and ignored what I did not want on my sandwich. Never again.

Daniel Cimini

Building is in disrepair, drive thru is so small a large vehicle can not make it in without jumping curb or scraping tires. Employees act like they are doing you a favor in serving you.

Emily Casella

The service is awful. They are so slow and the completely messed up our order. The woman at the window looked like the only one trying to do her job and no one was helping her. At first they tried to only give us one of our meals when we ordered two. Definitely not coming back here.

Travis Genwright

The manager at this particular location was extremely rude for no reason. It’s sad when a employee who isn’t a manager has to tell the manager she is being rude for no reason. Worst experience ever.

Eddie Gebhard

Food was good, fresh and hot. Service was quick. Met all my expectations for breakfast. I will visit again soon and see if they can repeat the good experience.

Jay Grant

The best Hardee's by far Quick Service friendly staff the best

Scott Downs

Never have had a issue with Hardee's, every one I've been to has always been decent and not too long of a wait.

Amanda Pulse

The worst service ever. The lady got the xtremely mad because I had a big order she saying well we don’t usually do big orders there is 2 cars in drive thru?? I never realized when I’m paying there is a limit on the amount of food you can buy if there is more 1 car in the drive thru . If it burdens you to do your job you may wanna find another one that doesn’t have to do with dealing with the public.

Chuck Wojack Jr

The service took a little longer because some workers called out but they were so polite and the food was worth waiting for. Thank you for doing your best

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