Kings Sushi

112 US-17 BUS, Surfside Beach
(843) 232-7656

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Amy Berry Kelley

Tried it once, won’t go back. Our waitress was great but they had one sushi chef and service was so slow, it took almost an hour to get our first portion. Each order took 30 minutes or longer. Ended up sick that night and vomiting. Not worth the money. Food was mediocre at best. We will stick with King Kong.


Walked in thinking bit was a regular sushi bar - then my skepticism kicked in when I saw all you can order sushi, hibachi , yakisoba and all sorts of hand rolls, appetizers, soups, salads etc . You are given menus and an order pad/ pencil . I ordered away and had sushi , apps , salad and yakisoba noodles and shrimp all was quite tasty . They also serve beer and wine .. Only drawback was like all restaurants here staff shortage .. but they all did the best they could and it really didn’t take long . If I ordered what I had at a normal sushi bar it would have been well over 65-70 dollars . Well worth it if you are feeding a few people who like varied Asian cuisines ! Hibachi , noodles , sushi and fried rice dishes . I’ll go back fir sure

Mike Neff

King's sushi never disappoints. Made yo order sushi, hibachi and a great atmosphere. Their food is fantastic. Do not hesitate to check it out

Shanel Harris

This place is amazing, the best food that I had while staying. We went back twice and took friends! Everything was fresh and made to order.

Laura Michelle Jackson

Friendly waiter, fast service, clean and delicious, fresh food! I visit Kings Sushi every time I come to the beach. It’s a must for me and my daughter. We both HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Madeline Grant

TLDR:Amazing staff, fantastic price, superb food. Having gone there for the first time 2 days ago, I didn't have high expectations. I feel most sushi places are either cheap and not great, or amazing and I cry when I look at the bill. For the price, I was expecting it to be fine..but... MAN WAS I WRONG. it was perfect. My sister and I split a few rolls and an entree a few days was so good. I went back today with more of my family and we had the best time. our servers were fantastic, I forgot the gentleman's name but he was super friendly and was training 2 others while taking care of table.

Shannon V.

Rushed meal. Soup, rolls, drinks all brought out at the same time. Staff does not remove food from table in time for space of entries. Server brought out food and was asked to carry away some plates and said "no." I thought this was because she had other food on her tray to serve. However, when she returned she served another plate and no longer had food on her tray. I held up a stack of plates to give her and again she said "No!" We then proceeded to the manager and her to hand the plates and were told she doesn't speak English-but it was very clear she understood the request. The manager then told us to leave calling my husband a racist because he said this is America and I expected her to understand. We happily left and will not return to a restaurant that freely uses the word racist to their customers.

Glen H.

Had a craving for sushi so we ordered 7 rolls from Kings Sushi. Very fresh and very good. Will eat here again when looking good for sushi.

Heather Manz

We popped in not really knowing what to expect and had a good experience. We were seated quickly and service was friendly and efficient. We all started out with miso soup, rich flavor, salty. Ginger salad was fresh, crispy and decently doused in the yummy dressing. Kids both ordered shrimp tempura, they liked it but it was a bit greasy and could have been cooked a bit longer for more crunch. I got the peppered tuna and loved it! Bright citrus flavor and perfectly peppery. Husband got the hibachi chicken and really enjoyed it. My son and I both got the hibachi steak and liked it also. Steak was tender but would have preferred it a little more medium. The sushi was good, but thinly sliced so it would have been nice to have a bigger slice. Shrimp tempura roll was tasty as well. Overall good for $24 a person, but I think tea and soda should be included for that price.

Michael Dolch

My son wanted hibachi for his birthday but we couldn’t get in and searched and found King Sushi. Based on the name and the all you can eat factor I was nervous about this place to be honest. But! It was great. Everything made to order and brought out hot and fresh. Sushi was good and we will certainly visit again.


We went here because my daughter loves sushi and it was her birthday. A couple of us have no desire for sushi and the others wanted to see if they could get into it. An all you can eat place seemed like the best place to give it a shot and we were excited about the options. I know no one wants to waste food, but a bit of waste is going to happen at any buffet or all you can eat setup. We’re still paying $24 a person, that’s not a small amount. Being new to sushi, the all you can eat group wanted to try a few sushi options to see what they liked. Being new to sushi they also had no idea how much they could eat before getting full. I think this restaurant has a serious problem in their setup because most of the sushi comes in rolls of 6 or 10 per type. That’s a lot considering you don’t know if you are even going to like it. Even if you are a big sushi eater you may not love every type you try. They should just bring it out about 3-5 pieces per type and let you keep ordering the ones you favor. Well, we did our best but a few of us did have some sushi left over. We were getting full, some was spicier than normal according to my experienced daughter, and some of it was just not that tasty. It was still not a ridiculous amount of waste. I saw the manager whispering to our server and then she started making comments that the manager might charge us extra if we didnt finish. Beware if they offer you a box. There is a $10 charge for take home and they don’t tell you that when offering. We said we didn’t want to take it and she said he may charge us for it anyway. At that point I was thinking they can charge us extra or I can leave a tip, their choice. In the end we made ourselves sick eating sushi we didn’t want. There’s no way I will be back, i don’t need that kind of stress in my life. Thanks for putting a damper on what was supposed to be a birthday celebration. They did bring out a small piece of cake (supposed to be part of the all you can eat anyway), but by then the vibe was shot.

Katie C.

We LOVE kings sushi so please don't look at the 3 stars and think we don't completely enjoy ourselves 90% of the time. Great food, great service, but a possible change in management the last few times we went? Manager yelling across the restaurant at his staff, walking around in a terrible mood, when leaving we tried to compliment our server who was new and did outstanding and the manager seemed to just want me out of his way. Responding "yeah okay" We come here all the time with friends and last night we were all uncomfortable. My friends and myself, a table of 4 , are, and have been waiters for quite some time, and when we go out to eat we immediately look for the management to see what kind of conditions we would be under if we took a job there. This isn't a job board review and I understand that but I also know some people look to spend their money to at businesses who support their staff. For a normal review, great food; great service! But from someone that cares about how restaurant industry staff is treated, iv dropped a couple stars. Maybe I'll start going to the north Myrtle location more often.

Kentwood W.

Features a continuous all you can eat entrees by order by individual order. Very traditional Japanese fair. Nice quiet atmosphere. Interior is a little drab but the food is top shelf. I started. With miso soup, crab Rangoon and ended with teriyaki beef /Broc/ rice. Portions were big enough that I couldn't eat a second entree. 26.99 per adult and 7.99 for kids under ten.


Reasonable price. Excellent staff... most of all fresh and delicious!!

Michael Kachman

Omg it's so good!! Fresh and delicious. All you can eat and now I'm miserable because I ate too much but worth it every bite was awesome!

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