Kings Sushi

112 US-17 BUS, Surfside Beach
(843) 232-7656

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Luis & Victoria Ramos

My husband and I went in for lunch today and our server was Nicki. And let me just start with saying she was an absolute angel. She was truly so kind and attentive to our needs. Service was speedy, but not rushed feeling. The food was wonderful, but what really made it so great was our server. Nicky was delightful and laughed at all of my horrible jokes, which I truly appreciated. I hope she's my server anytime I come in. I can't wait to go back. I can't wait to watch Nicky on Broadway or the TV.


Reasonably priced and sushi quite good! Friendly, attentive staff. Food came really fast for custom-made rolls and much more. Worth a visit!

stephanie curlee

Such a hidden gem at the beach. Go for lunch it's a really good deal of you are a big sushi eater. The sushi is fresh, the other food such as spring rolls are great. I've only eaten mostly sushi here. The staff are exceptional, they are friendly and attentive.

Ben Ups

The best and most filling sushi experience I’ve ever had. Would definitely come again if I lived nearby


Kings sushi was where I learned to experiment with sushi. It’s coated in more rice than your average 5 star sushi. But it’s all you can eat for $25 a person, & NOT a buffet. For made to order fresh sushi - it’s a 4-5 star for me for the price & over eating experience. Appetizers, sushi, hibachi & desserts.

Ruben Valdez

Was extremely disappointed with the quality of the sushi. The other reviews would lead you to believe that they would have good sushi, they don’t have good sushi. We only paid the $15 lunch for all you can eat, but it just was not good. If this all you can eat location cost anything more than $15 then it would definitely deserve a 1 star rating. The sushi was all very bland and the spicy sushi just was not spicy. The supposedly crunchy parts on top of the sea angel roll are soft and mushy. The sushi needs eel sauce or soy sauce just to save it, or it would all taste like the same bland sushi.


You can call us semi-regulars of King Sushi. We go there at least once a month, but the last 3 had me questioning why we continue to support this establishment. It appears they are having trouble getting and maintaining staff.... professional and trained staff that is. We were there this past Tuesday and our waiter had poor social, communication, and serving skills. His awkwardness made it hard to work with him. The server who exclusively serves appetizers is always unhappy, rude, and looks as if she hates her job. The servers were hanging around the hostess' desk and no one came to cash out our tab. We had to bring it to the hostess desk and felt like we were intruding in on a private chat session. The sushi seems to be getting skimpy. Much more rice than fish. The price of a meal has increased and I can see why given the state of inflation, but if you are going to charge high prices, make sure the food and service is good. We don't plan on going back. This is sad since they use to have GREAT sushi and service.

Keywell Coins / Mafia Metals

This place has a cool concept! All you can eat sushi and Japanese fare without the trays full of stale food sitting around. You come in and sit down at a table. Order from a menu and for 25$ a person you can order a wide range of specialty and traditional sushi rolls. Appetizers, Hibachi style meals sashimi and more. All prepared fresh when ordered! It is recommended to finish your ordered items before ordering more to cut down on wasting uneaten food since they do not allow take home containers when eating the all you can eat menu. My pops and I shared a Hot Saki and many great items tried. Our waiter checked on us often and kept our drinks full and took our order quickly when it was time to order more. We come here everytime we are in town!

Laura Holley

My husband and I went for lunch. Food was excellent, service was excellent and fast! We will definitely be back!!❤??????

Sharon Smith

Kings Sushi is an all-you-care-to-eat restaurant: $24 for dinner and $15 for lunch.You order from a menu of over 100 items, including about 20 specialty rolls (six ingredients, 10 pieces) and 20 less complex rolls (four ingredients or less, six pieces). They also have staples like teriyaki chicken.Lily was terrific!

Kristen Bitzegaio

King Sushi is my family’s favorite place to eat in the entire Grand Strand. From the outside, it doesn’t look like much. But it’s great inside, and more importantly, the food and service is always great. It’s worth going to King Sushi just for the salmon bowl. Another thing we absolutely love that isn’t common at other sushi spots in the area is the sashimi roll. Highly recommend!!

southerner girl

Wasn't sure I wanted to go here because I thought it was a make your own plate kind of place. One day we said let's go in to see what it is exactly. There was no buffet bar with people choosing what they wanted. Rather, they seated us, gave menus, and then explained how it works. You choose from the menu and they bring it to you, but watch what you order because it is a LOT of food!It's the BEST Sushi place ever! Amazing!Oh, and we had a waiter named Dillon who is fantastic! We'll always ask for him!Just go! You don't know what your missing if you don't!

Donna Suter

My son finished his lunch before our sushi arrived... and I asked for refills on water twice... had to get up and go find out waitress as my mouth was burning from spicy sushi. I will drive a little farther for kinder wait staff. (so disappointed?)

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Jeff Walrath

Food was very good. Most rolls were good. Katsu and tempura was very good. Service excellent. Like that it was made to order.

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