1015 Eglin St, Rapid City
(605) 718-8665

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Lynn Sammis

We wanted the frozen custard. It's always a perfect treat for the family.

Gin R

Great place to eat. Never too long of waits. Always consistent with quality

akadia Sasser

Went through the drive thru with my 1 yr old daughter a couple days ago. My daughter was having a melt down and I had also never ordered from Culver’s before but it was close on our busy route. The lady on the speaker was snappy with me becuase I had a hard time understanding how the menu worked. Also my child made it hard for both of us to hear. They lady got really rude with me over it. At the window to pick up my food, I had the bag shoved at me with an eye roll. If you hate your job so much don’t find somthing else. I have worked fast food most my life. Be nice.

Matt Davey-Karlson

Not bad, definitely feels a little like being on a corporate feedlot.

Amber F

Very poor experience at this location. Ordered 2 Cranberry Bacon Bleu salads, when they came the bacon was missing. Assuming an innocent mistake, I went back to the counter to ask if I could have a bit of bacon for my salads. I was rudely accosted by the manager who demanded to see my salads for proof of the missing bacon. I showed him, and let him know that I thought it was unacceptable for him to ask that. I also asked if it was Culver’s policy to inspect customer meals if there is a complaint. The manager told me it was not, but I wouldn’t believe the kind of customers that he had to deal with and that he often proved the customers wrong after inspecting their food. What a poor attitude to have as a business, and a manager. I will definitely not be spending any more of my money at Culver’s when it is ran by people like that. Poor business practice, there are plenty of other establishments that respect and value their customers. This is not one of them.UPDATE 8/10/2021: I submitted a formal complaint to Culver’s the day after receiving the response below. I it has been several weeks now and I have not heard a single word back. People, please don’t spend your money here. They do not value guests as they should!

Kenneth Gess

We have done both dine in and take out and both are very good always good burgers and fish

Carol Red Bird

Culver's food is great, ? efficient, and friendly. I love their Strawberry salad and tea with lemon.


I love the variety of their menu! Food was prepared correctly and quickly! The ice cream is so yummy too. Great place for a fast meal!

Tami King

Waited in line for a half an hour, then had people who ordered after me get their food first. When you have to pull around and wait for food, it should be given in the order it was ordered. Took way too long to be in line, as well.

Elena MatoTamaHece

So Who doesn't like Culver's? We stopped for my fave mushroom & swiss and my daughter tried the stuffed bell pepper soup. Mmm. Sound delicious? It was!!

Joel Davis

Ordered a large and I got this. Kid at the window argued that was a large even thorough clearly not full. Refused a receipt, he said he threw it away already. Couldn’t see a name tag. Would not recommend simply on the service factor.

Brian Bate

Twice the price and tasted pretty good considering the burgers were all cold. Luke warm at best.

Torben Walters

We had a good experience here. Everything tasted great and the customer service was great. The location was clean and had good parking. The staff was going around cleaning tables as soon as people got up to leave and they would help customers with their trash. Overall everything was great.

amanda struck

Great root beer floats, salads, soups and chicken sandwiches ??. I was a little bummed that they ran out of the broccoli and cheddar soup and settled for the tomato florentine, but man was it good!

Nathan Fjelstad

The food was good, and the service was fast for how busy it was. They delivered right to my window in the pouring rain

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