Everest Cuisine

2328 W Main St, Rapid City
(605) 343-4444

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We had lamb bhuna and samosa chat .. both the dishes were amazing… good quantity and quality .. would definitely recommend

cherry baby

Fantastic chicken tandoori at Everest Cuisine. It was so flavorful and tender and had the perfect amount of spices. The spice level is customized, so if you prefer mild, or extra hot, it's no problem. My garlic Naan was cripsy around the edges but soft and very flavorful in the middle. They were also extremely generous with the portions. For my tandoori chicken I received about 6 pieces of chicken, thighs and drums. Very filling and very delicious.

Ivi Es

Amazing food! Ate 4 times in a week of vacation and everything we tried were super yummy. No after-taste on the lamb & goat. Tender meat. Looks can be deceiving, not looking like first class. It looks like a cafeteria but I always pay for the food’s taste so it discount bother us at all as long as it’s clean.

Dana Balciunas

My daughter and I come at least once a week and it's always great.

Kaiti P.

Saw this place on some YouTube vlogs and really wanted to try it ! We have only had Indian food a few times and this one was outstanding. Wow. From the mango lassi, appetizer, tikka masala, spicy chicken, garlic naan, and we also tried some new dishes. Everything amazing !!! The staff were very sweet and courteous. It is a small place but we didn't have any problem with a group of 6. Highly recommend!!!!!

Elizabeth Wells

Visiting from North Carolina, never had Indian food but we got the Chicken Tikka Masala. By far the best food I have ever eaten!! Hope to come back next time I’m here!

David Costanza

Terrific little dive serving excellent Indian and Nepalese food. We had the lentils and chili chicken and both were very good. Reasonable prices as well. Recommended.

Sumana Sapkota

These people are hardworking and have a lot of long experience in this service. If you have a sense you need to think about how those people are taking risks and working hard in these pandemics. Taste and satisfaction of food depends upon your hunger. If you want perfectly healthy food, crop it yourself and make it at home. It's hard to get cent percent fresh food in a restaurant. You have so many options for your kind of food nearby. I’m just a customer of that restaurant. Most of the business has a hard time they need to boost up in this situation rather than be overwhelmed.

Kim R.

This was the best Indian food I've ever had. Four of us ordered a handful of dishes to share, and each dish was uniquely flavorful, made with fresh ingredients. It's a small, family-owned business, and they were welcoming and friendly. You'll be disappointed if you're looking for a "fine dining" experience in this no-frills setting. But if you're looking for some seriously tasty Indian dishes, this is your place.

Angela Tran

Post covid is impacting all service industries…be patient and the food won’t let you down. Family is very kind.


Tiny restaurant with excellent service and better food. The lunch buffet was closed, but everything we ordered was incredible. Crackling crisp samosas with the fluffiest potato filling I've ever had. Incredibly creamy Navaratan korma. The paneer in our saag paneer tasted as though it was made from scratch today. We ordered both mains spicy and found it nicely balanced, but we enjoy very spicy food so trust your palate. If you like Indian and Nepali food, eat here. If you've never had Indian or Nepali food, try it here.

Ankit Agarwal

This is the first time I visited Everest Cuisine restaurant! being a lover of Indian and Nepalese food I was really looking forward to some good food.But it is very sad for me to say that this is the worst ever Indian/Nepalese food. I wish I could give -5 stars if there was an option. The food is straight bland, the basic ingredient of all food SALT was missing in all the dishes we ordered. The coke tasted like water mixed (before the ice melting into it).I did not take many pictures of the food this time just because I was seriously disappointed. The basic common Indian dishes which are served at least average in all the Indian restaurants is also far below average here. The naan bread is tasteless, the curries were all just tasteless and seemed very unhealthy! I felt like throwing up trying to eat that food, we could barely finish any food and had to throw away a lot of food.The portion sizes are very small and they use a lot of frozen food. For example, the chicken meat balls were served straight out of some frozen box: cold, dry and tasteless!Ambiance is below average when compared to the competing restaurants in the region. There are flies all over the dining area.Highly recommend to go to this place at your own risk! I’ll pray you do not get sick eating this food and not waste your money here.This place needs to take this seriously if they want to continue their business. Please first know and taste your food before serving garbage to your customer.

Shivam Trivedi

Fantastic food! The curries are decent, but the real star here is the Cauliflower 65. If you want something spicy and flavorful, that’s the dish to get. I also order dal tadka and rice, and it was delicious every time. Highly recommend!

Jaime D.

Don't drive by this little hole in the wall, this is some of the best Indian food! The goat curry was good and the lamb tiki masala was the best I've ever had. Garlic naan also delicious. Place was packed and only one waiter, he worked hard to give everyone good service and was very polite and calm.

Kossa V.

Might be good food but they blow at customer service. No greeting upon entering. Owners kids running around? Dirty tables not getting bussed. Old lady walking around trying to clean tables one item at a time? We stood with other customers in the cramped moldy disgusting establishment for over 30 minutes, only to be told 30 minutes later "we are too busy we cant serve you."

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