Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

1180 N Lacrosse St, Rapid City
(605) 399-2195

Recent Reviews

jacinda king

Very crowded and hot.. could be alot more clean and more effort sanitized

Teresa J

Was disappointed this time!! We traveled from Minnesota and it is always my favorite stop! But they were out of MILK and Were quite steep in price for being out of alot of things! If you are out of so much then maybe reduce the cost!! I mean omg they had taco meat but no taco shells ?

Paul Johnson

Clean good options , lots of food for the money ate here a few times would high recommend it .

Pepper Roberson

Ok food. Got glass of water with ice . after drinking half found a plastic lud in bottom of cup covered with ice. Bathrooms filthy. Smelled of urine. Tp all over floor.

Kenneth Washington

It was great and the service was excellent. We loved the food. Thank you

Bryan Hiller

Food was good its a popular place...The price is reasonable for lunch. We took our 3 kids and they loved it..

Andrew J Schneider

There was a lot of people but we didn't expect there would be just a few bites of the main course to be found. 1 chicken thigh, no pot roast, etc. The wait for a steak was over 20 minutes. Service wasn't happening. Our server just kept clearing tables after customers left.

Cynthia Sutton

Great Food. Reasonable Prices.

Elizabeth Paff

Very busy at the time, but was extremely thankful to staff; as I am limited to what I can eat and they made sure to bring out more. And their food was really good.

Chuck McKay

First time in a year and a half. It was as good as I remembered. Good food. Plenty of it. Friendly staff.

Billie Smith

Typical buffet style food, some hot some warm, decent selection. I ordered water for my beverage & it was disgusting. Turns out I was given unfiltered water and my husband spoke to the manager & was given the correct water so all was good with that. When I looked at the receipt as we were getting ready to leave I noticed we had been charged for said water. I approached the cashier and just asked why we were charged for it, she promptly grabbed my receipt & walked away without saying a word. The manager came out a minute later and asked why it took me an hour to notice I was charged for it, as if accusing me of lying then saw my husband and said "oh yes I got you water". I worked in the service industry for years & I don't understand what happened to basic good manners. I'm not a "Karen" however I'm of the era who believes we should still say "I'm sorry let me take care of that for you" instead of being accusatory. Had it not been for the actions of the cashier and manager I would have given four stars

Dark Matter

We walked in and the line was long, but we were at out table at the buffet within 10 minutes. The food was food... Some good and some could be improved. The staff was what made it worth it. The woman in our section, Kallie, was so sweet and even though we could tell she was tired and needed a break, she helped us out and was quick to refill our drinks.

Jacob Lewis

Had the best waitress, forgot to ask for cash for a tip when I paid so I made sure to go back and get some. Food was excellent

Michael Miller

We live in an area that doesn't have any Golden Corral's close by, so we took a 4 hour drive to South Dakota because we've really missed it from when we lived in Texas. We were not disappointed AT ALL!!! Every time I go to any Golden Corral I'm always so pleasantly surprised by how tasty and good quality the food is despite it being buffet style. 10/10 would visit again!

Dee Current

Google shows place opening at 8 am. We traveled 51 miles one way to get an early breakfast at the GOLDEN CORRAL. We arrive at 7:57 am. The place is dark. No cars in parking lot. We drive up to entrance of restaurant. On a sheet of 8.5"x11" page, it's states new hours....opens at 11 am. The restaurant needs to revise its hours on the internet. It's a Tech world now.

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