Little Caesars Pizza

685 N Lacrosse St, Rapid City
(605) 399-1040

Recent Reviews

Nikol Richards

It took a while to get, but it was hot

John Garcia

I and alot of others liked the pepperoni stuffed pizza and now you take it away for a pizza sandwich no thankyou


The cashier was incredibly unfriendly, as soon as she finished ringing up the person ahead of us she turned away to get an order, that wasn't even ready, packed up. We made eye contact and I said hi but she didn't say a word, the manager was just filling the other register coin by coin rather than telling his staff member to help us or helping us himself. We waited for 10 minutes to help while her back was to us, she was waiting for the order to finish, she could've taken out order while she waited! Then our order took longer than we're told, they had over 7 people working so I don't understand why it took so long plus our pizza want even cut completely through, we had to cut it ourselves when we got home! Get your staff/management to have better attitudes and customer service.

Cleveland Roubideaux

Great service. And most importantly safe working environment due to covid

Jordyn Carling

Took an hour to get our food. Pizza looked gross and wasn't cut all the way through at all. I Won't be ordering again.

Matthew Sexton

My pizza was good and stunning I really love my pizza alot

Robert Birnie

I go to LC almost every Thursday night in RC just before Pool League. The customer service is most of the time Excellent.

Mark Eldred

First time here and it's not my hometown Little Caesars. Pizza was great but the neighborhood was very sketch. Could use lighting in the small parking lot to improve safety.

Will Can

great price freshly made. staff is full of a smiles

Nathan Marraffino

No napkins, no plates, no cheese, no customer service. Pizza was good at least

A Mothers Love Richardson

Recieved a pizza that wasn't very fresh and hot .brought it back in and without an issue it was switched for a fresher hot and ready Pizza... I appreciate that


Great price fast service

Cam Sheppard

Come on I gave you guys 30 mins to get it ready and you give me a pizza like this I didn't say rush order and would much rather wait a little bit longer than you guys turn the pepperoni to charcoal

Vienna Janis

Too little of veggies need more for tht price 11$ a supreme

Linda Dillon

We stop there every time Love the food and good customer service

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