Bonefish Grill

2115 Gunbarrel Rd, Chattanooga
(423) 892-3175

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Jay Mike

Well now I know where to not eat again. First and last time will eat here. Was passing through on my way home and we decided to eat here. Ordered curbside pickup around 7pm today. First my wife ordered fish that was supposed to be medium well and it was raw. Our coleslaw had no dressing in it and was crunchy. My sons side of fries included exactly 10 french fries and my wifes grilled asparagus that I paid extra for was not even grilled. No silverware or napkins either as I found that out when I got back to the hotel and had to go find some silverware. Overall not a great experience. I have a location near me back home, just never been there yet and now I am really not sure I want to.

Najim H.

One of the best restaurants in town. Food is alway fresh and satisfying. Been here several times. Keep up the good work guys.

Eric Freeman

I was very dissatisfied on the food and food preparation! We came here to eat, To commemorate on My Father's death.My Fiance always take me out for a "In memory of my Father Dinner! We picked Bonefish for their food and quality. We eaten at the one in Georgia as well as here too. The day was Great except when we got to be seated. First of all table was dirty with crumbs and food from previous guest. Our server was good.When,My fried calamari arrived I ate one piece and spotted Human hairs on the fried calamari batter!! (Gross!)Turned me off immediately!! Then My Fiance ordered her Filet Mignon Well done. When she received it it was Medium Rare bloody!!She couldn't eat it. The Manager did come out to apologize, But by this time the evening was ruined!After all this along with cold food it was a wrap for Us. Then We paid $61.78 for food that wasn't as great as we planned it to be!! I felt we could of went to Dave and Busters and ate!! ?!(Bad but True!),We ended up having to go to another well established Restaurant to commemorate My Father Transition.We were very dissatisfied and couldn't believe the Manager didn't compensate the tab or offer something beyond taking off the calamari? Shhhh that's the least you could did!!. Who wants to pay for calamari with human hair in it?. By the way another employee mentioned earlier that day another customer had human hair in their food!! (Yuck!!)Most of all with COVD19 and all I figure stronger enforcement of strict kitchen safety and cleaniess would be enforced. I guess not and who pays for it? Us the Consumers! It's Bad business Bonefish in Hamilton Place on Gun Barrel!! It wasn't a good experience at All!!No stars for You guys!! Can you spot the Human hair in My calamari!? Hint, Picture 1 and 3.

Robert C

Always great food. Service is usually good but a bit slow. This time we had a guy that thought he was a comedian and kept trying to be funny. He was not. Service was a bit slow. Had 2 lobster tails which were great. Mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus was super good. Will definitely go back.

Doris Chapman McGee

The service was great, but the fish was so greasey, the paper in the bottom of the basket was dripping in grease. We had the fish and chips. we also had bang bang shrimp and it was really good. To expensive for greasey fish. We will not be back.

Mark Witt

Great service and food. Bang bang shrimp was great.

Kim Baxstrom

Walking into Bonefish and Grill brought back many great memories. I hadn't been back for quite awhile and everything,,the waiter was just ABSOLUTELY Fabulous! I needed just a nice, relaxing break and the waiter just made me feel right at home! My Appetizer/ Mussels were DEFINITELY the most flavorful EVER! My dinner,,Shrimp/ Salmon/ Spinach Ragon was just ABSOLUTELY FANASTIC! Thank you for hiring someone like my waiter who diligently took his time and being very courteous,,customer conversations with him was ever delightful! Thank you again for having me experience a very wonderful time to just relax and enjoy the delicious meal I had ordered! I will most greatly have to be back at this great Resturant that again, gave me such wonderful fond memories and great service too! Sincerely,,Kimberely M. Baxstrom/ Harrison,TN. ❤

Andrea Charles

Costumer service was good. But my food was just okay. I ordered Cod Imperial with sauteed spinach and Jasmine rice. I was expecting great flavor and great seasoning. I didn't get that. However, I did eat my food but I didn't enjoy it...if you know what I mean. I just was expecting something else and didn't get it.

Stacy Nelson

The food was great . My burger was not cooked well but the manager took it off and was very sweet about it.

Ronk Kennedy

pretty standard food preparations, quick table service , most everything was overcooked - for safety I assume - I'll go again but only after I've tried some of the other places around

Deb Austin

Haven't been out for Bang Bang Shrimp for almost 2 years! Just as good as I remember. My server at the bar was excellent!

Heath Joiner

The Bang Bang Shrimp was a great appetizer, and the Fish and Chips and Pecan Crusted Trout were great for dinner. Service was attentive even if a bit slow. We will be back soon!

Anisa Lowrey

Very disappointed. Switched up parts of each entree. Sent one of them back twice. Still not right. Gave up and had dessert, which was ok. Salad was good. Server and manager were apologetic, but food, not so great.

James Smith

Had a fantastic time. Service was exemplary. The food was beautifully prepared and tasted incredible. Top notch all around!

mark eley

Food was good waiter not overly attentive. Planned on having dessert til waiter presented check without asking.

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