Panda Express

2260 Gunbarrel Rd, Chattanooga
(423) 499-6280

Recent Reviews

Vinnie 4

Fresh and quick at a reasonable price. My favorite is, and others too because it's always empty, Beijing beef. Please place an extra bowl for selection so customers don't have to wait.


They desperately need to fire all and hire good employees. The food is OK, but I got cheated on my portion size. The lines were too long to rectify the problem. 3 total employees on a Sunday is past ridiculous. I almost forgot, they were out of most things. Sunday 3:00 O'clock.

Audrey Oliver

Broccoli is not done . Almost still raw . Low Main noodles are not always Low Main . Sweet and Sour sauce is way to sour . Should be more sweet .

Turbodog !

Food was pretty good. Ordered from the website since pressed for time. Don't waste your time going that route. Pickup orders seem like their last priority. Stood near register 15 min until line was empty when they worked on my order. Got it 25 min after time.

bret miller

Been here several times pretty consist they were out of white rice one day but not bad clean and friendly.

Catherine L.

If I could I would give 0 stars. THEY GAVE US FAKE MONEY!!! 20$ FAKE MONEY It even said copy Money on it!!!Never every go to this Panda Express

Min Tun

Not bc of mask, just poor and slow service. They advertise online to be faster but 18 minutes wait.

Chris Stelzer

Would not provide service to me over a face mask. Wouldn't even provide face mask. Wouldn't recommend eating there if they are willing to turn people away over a petty item

Brian Hiller

Walked into this location on 5/10/2021 hoping to pick up some dinner for my family. A highschool girl stops me at the counter and tells me I need a mask to order, then refuses to sell me a mask.. Is the goal to needlessly antogonize your potential customers? I happily took my business elsewhere and will continue to do so for the rest of the time my family lives in Chattanooga.

Karen Favors

Food was fresh because they were out of everything I wanted when I got there. Server thought to get me fresh rice after I had waited so long. There were 3-4 of us waiting for entree items. I dont know if they got slammed prior to us or what. Only 1 cook was there.

Daniel Hill

Today's date is 5/5/2021. We are past the mask mandate however I was told by the kid working as he folded his arms that I couldn't order without a mask. I happily walked next door to Jersey Mike's where they warmly welcomed me and made my lunch. Considering these paper and t-shirt material masks have absolutely no effect, you are turning away business for no reason whatsoever. Covid is over, find another cause.

Hunter Wilson

Ordered my food through the app. Pick up time was 6:35pm. Didn't get my food until 6:51. My lunch break was over at 7:00 pm. Keep in mind I could've easily gone through the line 4 times during my wait. I don't get it. Probably won't go here again.

Wesley Glover

Ok so Panda Express has always been my quick go to place. Good food and quick service. I have had this place rated a 5 for to long. Today and the last few times I've been this place has been slow and understaffed. The little girl working there today could care less about anyone in line. I stood there over 15 minutes in a very long line while she prepared 8-10 pickup plates. Everyone in line was irritated by it . Then when she started preparing the people's food that was in line she was both preparing food and taking cash/cards without changing gloves! After I saw this I almost left without food but I would have missed the best part. The guy in front of me didn't have a mask on. When he was up, she asked do you have a mask? He said nope. She said I can't serve you without a mask. He said well give me one, she said we don't have any. To cut the story short he left, livid. I left because I questioned her idea on being sanitary. The guy working beside her never put gloves on and handled everyone's food after she did. So I'm done with this location for a long time. So maybe this will slow their business so they can keep up. All I have to say is gross and you should have said something about the mask when they first walked in not once they got to the counter.

D'Artagnan Kilgore

Staff was rude. They wouldn't cook any more noodles even when multiple people requested them this was before 9pm and they close at 930. Would not recommend this location go somewhere else.

Nanna Mel

Caleb was amazing; he was so nice & possessed incredible customer service. He was alone when we first got there & then a few people joined him after a small line followed us. I’m noting that part because one of the employees who joined was slow & unkind — deffo woulda killed the vibe if we started with her (sorry to the people behind us). Ending on a good note, the food was yummy & hit the spot for our small group of three.

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