813 S Cumberland St, Lebanon
(615) 449-0077

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Valerie Miller

Good, turkey sandwich, curly fries and drink close to 10. Phew..

Holly Pinkston

I've been ti this store 3 times for my lunch. On Tuesday I came through the drive thru for dinner. I called my husband to see what he wanted to eat before I got to the window. Forst the man in the headset told me to go ahead and I asked for a minute. Then I let him know I was ready and he told me to hang on for a moment. Not an issue. I started to place my order but some of the sandwiches didn't have an order number so I was saying my order item by item. The man whom I later found out at the pick up window was a manager (kevin) started being very rude and snotty to the point it made my husband angry as he was still waiting for me to finish ordering on the phone. So if you go through this drive through you have to "well, you have to tell me if you want a the meal or I don't know." I felt bad bad because I stuttered while talking so I laughed at myself and his response was "i don't know why that is funny." He even spoke this way to the customer that was at the speaker behind me when I pulled up to the pick up window. I was a restaurant manager for 15 years and never had an attitude with my customers in this way. It's unprofessional. I found out the current store manager's name is Kelly. If you want more business put someone on the headset who is patient and not rude! The girl at the pick up window who handed me my food was very sweet. She does a great job!

Django Koolbreeze

Great fast ,kind,happy service...great smiles and attitude from cashier lady..really good chicken cheddar ranch sandwich...

Sheryl Mcguire

Very, very rude kids there tonight at 8:30 on 10-9-21...and buns are dried out and the meat is cut way to thick for the's supposed to be deli thin sliced....we ended up tossing out the sandwiches...


Fantastic food and service. Good price for your buck!

Cindy Ervin

Ordered the Prime Rib Cheesesteak sandwich and crinkle fries. Got the sandwich box open with all the ketchup packets in the cheese and meat on my sandwich with curly fries. Needless to say they are struggling.

Patricia Gray

Allowed in store dining everything was fresh and hot and very good will be back for sure. A lol short on ketchup packets but otherwise very excellent. Thank y'all!!!

Kayleigh Hayes

got there at 10 am on the dot, soon as they opened. which working fast food previously i know how annoying that can be, so i told them to take their time i know they’re still trying to open up, the cashier working the window and the manager we’re so nice to me and served me the hottest freshest food i’ve ever been served at a fast food restraint. i don’t ever write reviews but i just wanted to take the time to thank the employees for making my hungover morning 100x better! will be coming back 10/10.

Darryl Curtis

great as usual. Love the classic roast beef sandwiches with Horsey Sauce in Arby's sauce

Jeana Gregory

This Arby's was so clean! It also had a very nice dining room. We even enjoyed table service, as it was slow when we were there. Food was also good ?? and a great value. Thanks Arby's for being a great go to place, even when out of town ?!

Jayne Baltimore

Went there on 8/11/21 around 6pm there where two guys in there getting their food. A girl I'm assuming she was the manager or somethinike that. She took my order it 6:10pm and I ordered a beef and cheddar sandwich and then new fish and fries and a milk shake. My friend ordered before me she got her food and we were waiting on mine and then girl that took my order said they were waiting on the fish to cook it would be ready in 3 minutes at 6:20 I got my food and my sandwich was cold.

alex koerner

Good very consistent with others I've been to, very friendly service and not too busy

Michiel Palmer

Haven't ate at Arby's in while, since Covid. We had their fish and fry meal first day ate there. Fresh cooked and very good for $5. Had to be out on business next day so ate there again. Wife had Cheddar Roast beef and new bits ,I went with the Classic Roast Beef meal and good as ever. I have trouble walking now days and the people working there was very nice. For me working and saling to retail for many years working with so that didn't need to be in public that is saying alot. When I go by that one traveling I will stop again.

Mark Bakker

Good food. Good Service. Clean restaurant

Q Heffna

I went there for cheese sticks. There's an Arby's konnected to Loves truck stop on 40 . Beef n cheddar was banging.

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