China One

1705 W Main St, Lebanon
(615) 965-2937

Recent Reviews

Erica Winfree

Staff is super friendly, food is amazing. My kids vary in ages from 14 to 7 and we all love everything we've tried. Absolutely no complaints.

Nicole Edwards

Food was great and they pack it in! So much food lol. We are from out of town staying in a local hotel and ordered delivery. Hour wait but it was worth it. Food was piping hot! That never happens! Very happy with China One!

Timothy Fitzgerald

Best Chinese in Town but this is not a good town for Chinese

Chelsea Dewise

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!!! we live about 15 minutes from them but I would NEVER go anywhere else for my fried rice!!! When they say it’s ready in 10 minutes they aren’t joking!! Best in town!! And the nicest!!!

Cowboy6591 ..

I gave them a third try and still no improvements. SAD I live walking distance to this place :-( Everything I ordered from Sweet and sour chicken to the boneless ribs where so over cooked they could be considered "Vulcanized" Seriously, The Boneless strips lacked the layer of fat that the "Pork Belly" meat is supposed to have. It was a leather chewing experience because I doubt they used the proper cut 'pork belly' to make the strips. The chicken in the Sweet and sour order? SAME THING!! My god people I know your worried about law suites but really Your wellness police is destroying your food. Look up the new Government stats on 145 being the new "safe" zone for pork. And the chicken? If you let the meat get over 212 you've ruined it !! the water turns to steam, boils out of the meat leaving chicken "Jerky" behind looking for the next pair of dentures to break [mine].

Nate Carrigan

Quick and hot!

Dan Burgess

These great people never disappoint me! I love all the dishes I've tried from Kung Pao Chicken to the House Special Fried Rice. The hot n sour soup is delicious, along with the pan fried dumpling platter as well! The portions are great and the people are SO nice. When I want Chinese takeout- it's China One for this family.


So bad ...meat in House special lo mien was unidentified meat ....bad flavor sauce very dark , no flavor in Szechuan shrimp again dark sauce no taste and just broccoli in it ...

Melanie Johns

We got the Kung pao chicken and moo shu pork. The spring rolls were crispy while the egg rolls were more chewy. I liked the spring rolls better. Big amounts, decent prices.

Susan Jennings

Ordered takeout last night, awful chicken taste fake, fried rice was white rice with veggies. Not good. Will not be back.

Jennifer Dean

We will NEVER be back. They upsized our orders all to a large without us asking for that so they can charge more and then when we get home the order isn’t even correct. They argued and said it was what we had ordered and I even had her repeat it back to me to make sure she clearly understood it when I placed the order. Extremely poor customer service and the food was less than desirable.

Justin Grady Marsh

The food is ok. But the people aren't. Won't ever come back.

C.L. Johnson

I'd really give it 4.5 stars. The crab rangoon, teriyaki chicken, cashew chicken, and boneless spare ribs were fantastic. Their rice was the only weak spot, and I don't order Chinese food for the rice, but I would like it to be better.

Rosie Quezada

They have really delicious food :)

Ted Bogaerts

This was amazing! We have a new best Chinese restaurant to go to in Lebanon now!

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