Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

635 S Cumberland St, Lebanon
(615) 444-4995

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Mark Wofford

Food was excellent it took 40 minutes for our food to arrive. They just can't seem to deliver the whole package.

Michiel Palmer

Ate at Cracker Barrel for years and I'm 68 now. Food was so good I eat till almost sick. After this trip was so sad to see they have went fast food type food. Dumplings taste like canned, no taste in juices and dumplings stiff and floury taste. White gravy on mashed potatoes tasted like had liquid smoke in it. Liquid smoke great on meats but not gravy. Meatloaf was very dry..


Ordered a steak medium rare first time came back well done second came back raw. They took my green beans and microwaved them i could tell by the taste.

Patrick Cannon

Unfortunately last night was a total let down. Started with having to ask three times for lemon for water. Escalated to only four of our eight orders getting brought out, four were left off in the kitchen. Of the first four one was chicken instead of catfish! Server told us second four orders would be out soon, they would comp them, nice! We had arrived at 7:45 and several of the food items seemed they had been sitting in the kitchen for sometime. Last but not least the manager did not come out to apologize and when paying the bill he was at the next register over and never said anything to the customers. By the way we did tip the server the amount she would have received for the full order. Hopefully just a bad one night because we have had much better experiences.

Bernie Seabrook

Isabelle did the best she could but it was just too busy and understaffed. Grits tasted odd. Ham was overcooked. Biscuit gravy tasted odd. Not the best CB I’ve ever been to. But Isabelle was awesome.

Robin Smith

the food is good. the hosts is really friendly


Could have just been an off day, they were very busy, we had a party of 6 and waited just over an hour to be seated. Once seated, our server got our drink order, brought them out, then took our food order. We were all talking, the time passed quickly. Started noticing people around us getting their food, finishing and leaving. We had been waiting an hour for our food. When we confronted the manager, she stated we just ordered 15 minutes ago. She was told we had been there for over an hour. She apologized and took care of the check. It was still over 20 minutes before getting food. This will not keep me from going back.

Heather Bean

Very fast service exceptional service went above and beyond to make sure I had what I was in need of great experience.


We were in town for the 2021 Southeastern Truck Nationals and stopped in for breakfast on Friday morning. Service was great, the food was good and we were seated right away. Like all Cracker Barrels, this location was consistent with all others.

Brandon Spradlin

3 stars because the food is good. Lack of 5 stars because To-Go orders are NEVER correct. 9 out of ten times something is missing or it’s the incorrect food altogether. Best bet for a correct, or ability to correct an order, is to embrace the wait and just eat inside.

Nancy Sterrett

Very busy!! Waited over an hour for our food. Our server, a rising star was super sweet not her fault at all. Probably short on kitchen staff

Barb Miller

My granddaughter and I both had sausage and neither of us liked it. It was really fun and almost hard. The pancakes seemed oily as were the scrambled eggs that she got. I got the meal where they cook an egg inside a piece of toast. I've ordered this at many times at other Cracker Barrels with no problem. Here they just cooked my eggs and threw a piece of toast on top with a hole cut out. It's suppose to be cooked inside the egg. Neither of us were happy with our meal.

Adam Burdette

Waitress went home after taking our order, after 50 min I asked. They brought the wrong food, gave it to us and then brought ours out later. The food was very good and it was all free.Staff there is friendly and nice

Jesse Doak

Service and food were decent. The toys were broken or already opened before our purchases. This was irritating to swap out 2 different toys..My review is mediocre at best.

Salvador Ranatza

It's Cracker Barrel. One of the original ones that opened too. Fun fact. Service was outstanding and the food is exactly what you would expect from Cracker Barrel: country, down home comfort food.

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Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

635 S Cumberland St, Lebanon, TN 37087
(615) 444-4995