1645 W Main St, Lebanon
(615) 547-1650

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Christopher M Cheramie

Got attitude from cashier the moment we stepped in to place an order, she was rolling her eyes at us for what seemed to be we didn’t know the specific’s about the Avocado toast and placed order for 2, we we’re dining in got order for one than a rude remark was made by rolling eyed cashier you have to come back up here to pay for an additional toast. So rude. Than I asked for a District Manager’s name and number and some other old lady behind the counter said I’m the regional

Neo Xetroc

Lobby isn't open and the phone number on record doesn't go anywhere. Loosing business when people are waiting on their car to be serviced at the surrounding shops.Otherwise there have only been a couple instances where orders get mixed up or something isn't made correctly. They handle it in those instances and correct the mistake.

William Johnson

My wife and I were in Saturday afternoon around 4pm 2 male KIDS ( employees) were goofing off. There was 1 other customer in front of me , there was an issue with his order , the employee told the customer in front of me , he needed to speak to his manager.Then I informed the employee that I had an app order, then 30 mins later I demanded to speak to a manager and was told there was not a manager on duty.The two employees were goofing off the entire time I was was waiting for my order. I will be calling the owner of this restaurant. This is not acceptable service.

Angela Ceciliano

Don’t go to the Dunkin’ Donuts on Main St., Lebanon, TN they make their drinks nasty one woman made me a drink supposed to been asked coffee French vanilla and it was dark nasty water she needs more training every time I go there I have to go back to get another drink because that’s not right the first time they need to hire people that knows what they’re doing and train better I will be calling customer service

Lynnae Fisher

Waited 40 minutes for food. Staff is rude. Obscene noises come from the back of the store. Staff curses. We do not like this location at all anymore.

Carla H.

Ordered a latte and paid for an extra shot of espresso. Asked for no whip cream, and still served it with whip cream. So instead of remaking another one, they scooped out the whip cream. Told them the latte is too light, so they added a little bit of espresso.I didn't ask for milk with ice, i asked for coffee and that is what I paid for! Stop being cheap with your coffee.

Brandi Moss

They are beyond slow. Every time I use the drive through it takes forever to order and forever to get to the window and forever to get my drink. I usually just avoid this one if I can.

Susan Kounetis

Quick service but I didn't want lemon for my ice tea.

Melinda Bednar

Very sad, looks as though a few employees did not show up the day we were there. We wanted to order an avocado toast and another sandwich. They did not have the ingredients for either. Husband did have donuts and coffee. Several other people walked out wanting non donut food and left empty handed. I am sure not an issue with the employees that showed up, but sad management.

Heather Lynch

Love coming here. Except today. Chris the manager is rude and impatient. Extremely unfriendly.

Amanda C.

Employees working locked the doors before scheduled closing time.Worst Dunkin' near by.Thought id stop after switching to Starbucks after 4 years of being a daily Dunkin' drinker because the customer service is so bad.

Brittany Moran

Drive thru, there was a line half way around the building at 10a. Went inside to get munchkins for my daughter. There was 3 people in front of me so I was able to place my order in a decent time frame but had to wait a few minutes extra to get my coffee made that I ordered.Staff was very nice

James Arnold

Got the 2 for $3.Best Deal in Town.Great tast and they don't skimp on the Wrap.Awesome! Thank you DD.

Mike Russo

This might actually be the best Dunkin donuts in middle Tennessee, it's the only one I enter where anyone acts with a sense of urgency or like they're actually interested in greeting you. Everything they've served me here has been good it's one of their only locations I'm happy to regularly return to.

Danielle O'Dell

The customer service was amazing. I can see a huge difference.

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