Pizza Hut

817 S Cumberland St, Lebanon
(615) 444-1786

Recent Reviews

Joseph hicks

Food was great when are you going to open the dinning room back up

Brian Keigwin

The pizza was not all that great. There were hard spots on the crust. Whoever cut it must have been drunk. There were big slices and small slices and it was not cut all the way through the crust, making me have to tear it apart. Not at all like the pizza I remember eating at PizzaHut in the past.

Renee Corley

The pizzas were great and service was also very good.

Edward McGregor

Make sure when someone takes order and you are out of something, call the customer and ask if they would like something else. I paid for pan pizza did not receive it. Was never contacted that the restaurant was out of pan pizza.

Kei Tsukishima

charged us for wings and didn't even give us the wings, refuse to give us our money back or the wings. terrible. apparently we're not the first people they've done this to. don't go to this location unless you wanna get cheated out of your money.

Sydney Watson

The delivery was fast, the delivery guy was very nice, & the pizza etc. was delicious!

Crystal Grote

We used to order from here all the time and our pizza was rarely right so we stopped for awhile. Decided to give it another try and ordered double bacon and got none… or barely any. Highly disappointed

Andrea Johnson

I didn't Get me everything I paid for and the pizza had so many veggies packed in a couple places that the crust wasn't cooked

Exon Love

The cheese bread never has enough cheese. More bread and garlic than actual cheese

Sarah Crafton

REFUSE to cut breadsticks even when asked to cut them. Marinara is ice cold water.


always fast with delivery and our order is always correct!

Denise Holmes

Pizza was perfect and staff was so friendly!!

Lawrence Johnson

What is the point of ordering contactless delivery when the drivers in Lebanon, TN will not honor the contactless delivery option!!! Some of our pizzas where not sealed it's like they are trying to get you sick!!! Would you like a slice of covid-19 to go with your pizza?

Nicola Gilbert

brownie wasn't cut is really my only complaint. Everything else was fine as always.Though I do wish they had more soda choices.

elizabeth hulse

I usually get delivery, the food is always hot, drivers always nice, and worth the money.

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