Grand China

3815 Dayton Blvd, Chattanooga
(423) 870-0503

Recent Reviews

Dominic Norman

Good friendly local chinese restaurant. Spicy dishes aren't very spicy though.

David Combos (NeoN)

Best place nearby to order Chinese. The food is always good and the portions are massive. I always get the all day combos delivered and it's easily 2-3 meals worth of food. The house fried rice is the best and anything on the menu I've tried has been good. I've tried two other places nearby and they were more expensive and their food was pretty bad. This is the place to go.

Dora Robertson

This is one of my favorite places to get consistently good Chinese-American take-out. I'm a big fan of the Seafood Delight especially - the garlic sauce is packed with flavor.

w singer

I eat lunch here often (delivery) and everyone is so nice! The food is always hot and delicious and the price is right!

Joshua S.

I've had some bad dishes here before (usually anything with deep fried chicken is too heavily breaded) but i have some go-to favorites that are usually good -- the tofu with broccoli is always decent

Sandra Wood

Our food was delicious, delivered very quickly and was nice and hot.

Sunshine Da Boss

Great food. Always on point. My favorite is house lo mein and add a sweet and sour sauce. Good staff.

Christopher Gates

Now i really love this place they food is the best great price i try to tell everyone to eat there if they eat Chinese food

Faye Martin

Did not get order right. Asked for sweet an sour chicken and a side of house lo-mein and I received 2 orders of house lo-mein and no sweet an sour chicken. Very disappointing with this place. Won't be back

Chayten Casaus

Good is not good. Decent prices though.

Felicia R.

That's the last time I will ordered from them. They missed our eggrolls and also a whole plate and tried to tell me that I did not order it. Even though when I was ordering I asked for it in a large and she said yes I got it. I wouldn't be say anything if I didn't have a $65 order. I have a big family and kids that love their noodles. Unless they are price gauging they need to update their prices.

L R.

Customer service was good and easy to order online. However food took over an hour to arrive and it was really bad. Everything fried tasted old and reheated. The crab Rangoon was fishy tasting. Chicken and beef were over cooked and also tasted old and bland. Really dissatisfied. Don't waste your money.

Stacy Hopkins

First time eating there and it was great! Would recommend. Also found out they deliver to our area?

James H Brennan IV

Awesome food sooooooooooo good!!!


better than that other place (cough cough) RICEBOX IM TALKING TO YOU (cough cough)

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