Grand China

3815 Dayton Blvd, Red Bank
(423) 870-0503

Recent Reviews

Daniel Boonther

Ordered a big order heard good things. Because my number was out of state restraunt cancelled my order and didn’t even try calling me to confirm even after website texted me confirmation!! Lady running the counter said lots of fake orders but I betcha they just don’t like nonlocals. Do not eat here

Judith Maupin

Local Chinese food in red bank they have recently changed their hours but it’s still my favorite to order from!The food is freshly cooked and hot! Takes about 10-15 minutes and they have dining in or take out my husband loves their spicy chicken!

Emily Miranda

Really tasty food and MASSIVE portions. I have never been able to finish. Staff is friendly and the food is always ready when I come to pick it up.

Michael Reynolds

Ordered Grand China for the first time today. We've been looking for a good Chinese place in Chattanooga since moving here a year ago. This will be our go to place. General Tso's chicken had a cruchy outer breading, the vegetables were cooked perfectly, and the fried rice was top notch.

Kaitlyn Gipson

Friendly staff! They give you large portions of food and it’s all great. The plain lo mein noodles were the best Iv ever had and had amazing flavor!

Robert Flint

I’ve been ordering here for over two years and have yet to ever have a bad meal it’s always good but usually amazing. I’ve tried a few places in town and keep coming back here!

Reagan Schmissrauter

The lady was very friendly and the orange chicken was outstanding with actual orange peels, really good fried rice complete with an awesome fortune in the cookie !!!

Emma D.

Love this place! The orange chicken and hot & sour soup are great! Also love the dumplings!!

Noreen White

Ordered the vegetable lo mein...called first to see what "chinese" vegetables were included. I'm from New York and I have never seen zucchini as a Chinese vegetable. I was told peapods, cabbage, carrots and broccoli. There was 1 peapod, no carrots, some broccoli a bunch of zucchini and very little cabbage...this place has gone to one of my favorites to nowhere near actual Chinese food!!! I will not go to again!

Kristin Poore

Hands down the closest to new york chinese food and hands down best chinese in chattanooga. Don't waste your time and money by going anywhere else. Thjs place should be called god level chinese food.

Nathaniel McDaniel

This unassuming restaurant serves up some of the best Chinese food in Chattanooga. Expect a large serving!

Bryceton O'Neal

Just ordered here for the first time. Fried rice was musty, tasted and smelled like it has been reheated for the past three days. Chicken Lo Mein had an unexpected chemical spicy flavor, the chicken in the Lo Mein was flavorless and gelatness, unlike any chicken i’ve ever had. Stopped eating those dishes after the first bite. The General Tso’s Chicken on the other hand was quite good. Similar to Panda Express Orange Chicken, sweet, not spicy unlike the woman at the counter told me. I’m not one to throw away food, but out of concern, I could not eat the fried rice or Chicken Lo Mein.

Mike Griffith

It has been about a year since I have eaten here and I really liked it. I visited on 10/22/2021 and it was the worst I have ever eaten. The General Tso Chicken had a chemical like smell and taste. Almost like soap.Hard to describe. The rice was just like minute rice. I dont know what happened to this place but beware.

Jerry H.

I ate at this location years ago and remembered it as a clean, quaint lil place with nicely set tables and decor. I was very surprised when I walked in and found a half empty and dirty dive with a few mismatched tables and cracked discolored floors. The men's room was disgusting and the hand towels were stored with the toilet paper in a broken dispenser hanging from the wall. The urinal was busted and covered with black plastic, YUCH! I ordered to eat inside and was served a canned coke, no glass or ice. The meal came in wax paper pouches and Styrofoam containers. The napkins, utensils and condiments were served buffet style out of cardboard boxes on a stray table near the order counter. If the food had been phenomenal it may have been worth it. Unfortunately, the food was generic at best. Never again! Go elsewhere!!

Dominic Norman

Good friendly local chinese restaurant. Spicy dishes aren't very spicy though.

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