Taco Bell

2303 Dayton Blvd, Red Bank
(423) 870-4797

Recent Reviews

Mike O.

Drive thru is consistently backed up to the road and slow. 20-30 minutes in line is standard and the food quality is very inconsistent. Only giving two stars instead of one because the staff are always very friendly and professional.

AG 2077

The food is fine, but they almost always get your order wrong. The drive thru is slow. For some reason they only do one customer at a time.I much prefer the Broad Street Taco Bell.

Amanda Lopez

A great place to grab a protein snack such as a bean burrito

Jacob Leatherman

Even though they're always busy, they are fast and nice. Best taco bell close by.

David Ogles

I've lost count of how many times the Red Bank Taco Bell has messed up my drive thru order. My wife is the only one in the family that actually likes Taco Bell, and she now agrees that this location is indeed the worst. Avoid these invalids at all cost.

Luke Miller

Very friendly and all of our special requests and customized orders are always correct.

Meghan Furr

Nobody seems to be working here right now. Twenty minutes in the drive through line midday and the line didn’t move once. We were too far back to have any more time to wait & left.

Kintoge This

Friendly, fast service. The lady who was cleaning had our cups for us before we were even done ordering on the touchscreen.

Apryl McCulley

ALWAYS gets my order wrong. I’ve tried several times and it never fails. Not to mention a worker was driving through and cutting people off because “to many orders we need a break, tell your friends”

Sonja Howard Gilley

Service is fast and friendly and so far since the new store opened all our orders have been correct

Lee H.

Great service at the Taco Bell even at 12:30am. Brisk order taking, smooth transaction, and plenty of hot sauce. In Short, I'm quite fond of this Taco Bell location. If a Taco Bell could be high class than this would be the one. I loved my Taco Bell experience. The experience was an experience I'll never forget. Try to experience this Taco Bell today.

Kristen Tennyson

I love taco bell it's always fresh and ready to enjoy

Karen Coleman

Sorry but Taco bell is losing its pizzazz. No where near as good as it used to be

Donna M

Always has great choices to choose from very friendly employees to serve us

Zack Curvin

This is best Taco Bell on the planet! Customer service was fantastic and the food was hot and fast.

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