Abuelo's Mexican Restaurant

3501 SW 45th Ave, Amarillo
(806) 354-8294

Recent Reviews

Billie Flores

our waitress was very attentive and prompt. Food as always, great

Edelmira Melies

The service was excellent and the air conditioning was NOT blasting ARTIC air! Most places my food is COLD 2 minutes after arriving at the table! Today it was warm even after I stopped eating it. Also, the tea was


Delicious! A treat to your tastebuds! This was the best Mexican food I've ever had. I was raised in California and have had many styles, but this was delightful. We started with the Queso Dip Sampler which was delicious with chicharrones. The El Jefe Margarita is amazing! They don't use bottled Margarita mix and you can tell. The tequila is infused with grilled oranges I was told. It was my favorite margarita ever. I highly recommend the Pork Tenderloin Abrigada. So tender and tasty. Bacon wrapped, grilled pork medallions served with enchiladas in the most amazing sauce, delicious charrro beans and mashed potatoes. It's enough for 2 people. My husband had food envy as he chose ground beef tacos. LOL Of course I shared and we agreed that Abuelo's is worth stopping for. Excellent service too! Now if they would open one in Arizona or California!

Tyler Peery

Food was okay. So much seasoning, all I could taste was chili powder. Service and atmosphere were amazing though. 3/5.

Trevor Jurgensen

Awesome salsa with the chips. Great lunch specials. Awesome server who was very attentive and super happy.

Indira V.

If you are looking for MEDIOCRE food with ZERO service this is a perfect place to go. We were a party of 8 and Stopped by on our way to Houston. Ambience was good but food and service were not good. We entered at 8:30pm and ordered our food within 15 mins. We got our food at 9:15 and what we were shocked was the quantity. They gave each of us a tablespoon of rice and also switched the beans from black beans to pinto beans. I brought up the concern of the beans as we were vegetarians and the waiter replied that they ran out of black beans and rice which is why they provided small quantity. Also the pinto beans had Lard but they couldn't give us anything else because they were out. This conversation happened 45 mins before closing. I asked for the manager and Dylan (the supervisor) showed up. He was nice but he said he would see how he can take care of us but never showed up. We got our bill with no discount and paid it. We also tipped the waitress even though She was not nice as there is a Shortage of restaurant workers these days with the pandemic.

David Wright

Love visiting this Abuelos when I'm in Amarillo! Brings back lots of memories from when we lived here! Great food and service today, as usual!

Kara Young

First off, food is on point. That's pretty well documented though. This review is because this Abuelos is absolutely generous and thoughtful. When my grandparents passed away someone from our church put in an order to feed the family. The Abuelos people asked why such a huge order and when they told them it was for a funeral, they comped the entire meal. Said it was their pleasure to support a family that was grieving. I'll never forget this. Will be supporting this place forever.

Keely T.

Went in last night and had the Chile rellanos with potatoes and beans. Was pretty good overall! Queso was good and the roasted salsa was great! Chips and food was hot and fresh too. Will return!

Sandra Greeno

Delicious! I've been twice in two weeks and it was perfect both times. Delicious, fresh food. Reasonably priced. Great, knowledgeable staff that make great recommendations.

Jared K.

We had a very disappointing experience with our recent visit. When we arrived, the restaurant was empty on a Friday night at dinner time. That should have been our first clue that we made a bad decision to go to Abuelos. The food has really gone down hill from the last time we were in. First, my son's Sprite was only carbonated water. When we asked for another one, the waitress explained that there wasn't anything she could do because it was on one system. Ok, fine I suppose. Next, my wife ordered an enchilada plate with eggs, but the eggs did not come out with the meal. They were finally sent out when everyone was nearly finished. The food itself was bland and tasteless. The charro beans seemed over cooked or that they had been sitting out for a while. The papas tasted like premixed mash potatoes with cheese. Even the chips and salsa were just ok, chips had been over cooked and the mild salsa was a bit more than ketchup. The service was mediocre. On top of all this, the food was very expensive, especially compared to other local favorites. With the myriad of other Mexican food options available, it is highly unlikely that we will be back for some time.


Very good local Tex-Mex food. Service was good, prices are average and the food was very tasty. The rices was tender, the beans cooked and seasoned just right. Highly recommend this place and would go here again.

Logan Brown

Food was excellent and our server Lin was absolutely fantastic. Kept our drinks full and the chips coming. Great place for lunch specials. Great selection of salsa, and atmosphere was also impressive.

Kathy D.

We had a terrible experience at dinner Thursday night, a dinner we never received. We sat waiting for an hour for our food, while we watch tables who came in after us receive their food. Adding to our frustration, the waitress only checked on us once. We left after an hour 15 minutes after we ordered. Manager deflected the blame and never took responsibility.

Kay I

Food is wonderful! I love the many salsa options. Wait staff and hostesses are good, but could be better. If you are dressed in a suit you will get better service. Which is a little sad because we tip well.

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