5214 S Western St, Amarillo
(806) 353-2370

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Sherri Robertson

I think I bought them out!! ? From the roast beef sandwiches, to the jalapeno roast sliders, to the Rueben I bought them ALL!! They were all delicious but the Rueben on that marble rye has to be my all time favorite!!! Totally delicious!! 5 star for sure!!

Sarah Braunger

Michael, the young man who helped me, went above and beyond to make sure that I had a delightful experience. Every young person starting out in the workplace could learn a lot from observing this pleasant and well-groomed young man. He always shows that he cares about my experience and a job well done! A strong work ethic, an amazing attitude, and true concern for the customer is nearly extinct in the service industry today. You can tell that Michael Beard cares about his job and his customers. I hope that his pride in a job well done is recognized by his superiors in such a way that it becomes contagious! His effort should be the rule, not the exception. Thank you.

Lisa Cannon

The beef and cheddar are really good my husband said. I got supper for him. The sandwich stuck to wrapper and you couldn't get the wrapper of the sandwich so we had to throw it away. I bought to of those sandwiches.

Greg Dubiel

This is my second time ever to come to an Arbys. The first was over 40 years ago.Nice menu, great service and clean.I had to try 3 different sliders each as good as the next. But the spicy chicken was my favorite.

Katie Dube

Yummy... Got a double roast beef with mustard. It was delicious as were the curly fries. Fast service from friendly employees!

Ricky R

You just can't beat the Classic Melt Roast Beef...very tasty...Me and others are thankful they opened the dine in back up...

Guadalupe Archuleta

A lil bit heavy on the sauce otherwise fresh and delicious

Jj Carranza

Arby's is normally great... but this spot isn't that good

Melody Henderson

Excellent food! Drive thru lady appeared to be new....pretty slow.

Beverly Sinks

It was really good. You still can't go inside to eat to go only.

Larry Dillard

Service has been great everytime I've been and food and orders has been good.

Anita Ryan Kesler

Do you always include the bread tie in your sandwiches? I was so glad to see the pecan chicken salad sandwich was back. Bought 2 at $6a piece. Each had maybe two tablespoons of salad on them with maybe 4 slivers of pecans. So disappointed and will not be back.

Zerdalias Elythmyr

Always quick and always hot. What else can you ask for.

Bobby Garcia

The line was long but went quickly! The food was inexpensive, correct and tasty.

Darlene Byler

Beef an Cheddar cheese half pound of meat. Curly fries and Tea. Great meal.

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