Young Sushi "Rocks!"

202 SW 10th Ave, Amarillo
(806) 371-7200

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Davina Sorenson

Great food, good service, will definitely be making this our go-to sushi spot. Sashimi was cut thick with shredded beets. The cowboy roll had medium rare steak and my husband about fell in love. Don't forget to try the plum wine! The miso soup and Gyoza were really good and my 7 y/o even kept going on and on about the chicken nuggets LoL

Cap S.

It's pretty good sushi, I feel like they could PROBABLY clean the tables with something different than whatever they're currently using, It just feels like the tables are always filmed over with some residue. The service itself is wonderful. Overall, the food....Rocks Side note: I also just wish the flower guy would stop making his rounds here. I've not been here twice with the same girl, and once he finds that out, he's probably gonna try to con me into buying his soon to be dead flowers. Respect the hustle though.


The service was good and the establishment was clean. There was a good variety to choose from as well. The sushi was great! I definitely plan to go back, there's a lot I didn't get to try.


Not sure what was different. Normally, the sushi has been wonderful. This last visit was a total disappointment. Change of prep guys? Change of ingredients? Dunno. Sushi was bland and gummy. Again, normally it has been great.

Mel R

Reasonable prices and very good food. Enjoyed our time there.

Ami Mehta

We loved this place, might be our favorite in Amarillo followed closely by Sakura. The staff were attentive and friendly. We went around 830 on a Friday and it wasn't too busy. We had gyoza for starters which was good. Nice and crispy but not too oily. We ordered four rolls: spicy scallop, it's the bomb, 911 and live volcano. If you like spicy, it's the bomb was delicious. I really enjoyed the spicy scallop roll, it was refreshing after the mini fire in my mouth. 911 was really tasty and the crunch of the tempura calamari was prefect. My boyfriend has the live volcano and he said it was OK. The hot sake was delicious too. We will be back to try more.

Beatrice Perez

This was our first time there. The sushi was good but the fried rice (chicken and shrimp) could use more flavor. Also a bit pricey.

los Medina

Wife and I tried 4 different rolls and all were great! Love this place and we will definitely be back!!


I was very pleasantly surprised to find good sushi and Thai food in Amarillo Texas. I wasn't in the mood for sushi so I had wonton soup and Pad Woon Sen. The wonton was really good...gr3at flavors and not too salty...the cellophane noodle dish had a nice flavor and a good sized portion. The individuals I was with shared a Love Boat (basically a mix of sushi and shashimi..they said it was very 1 friend is from LA who is known for excellent sushi...and he said, it's not quite LA but it's really good...I will definitely be back.

Daniel Nguyen

Nice and clean restaurant. Got an titanic boat. The sushi is tasty and fresh.

Nick Nickelknocker

The food was good, really good in fact, the menu though was ridiculous, overwhelming....WAY too many options...And it looks like an old truck stop diner inside, like they don't want to spend the money to have a modern dining area, but they want to charge modern dining prices...I would probably eat there again, as the food is really good, but I think they need to update....

Codi C.

Not the best sushi EVER but probably the best sushi in town! Staff is attentive & food usually comes quickly

chantelle declercq

It’s not authentic or the most perfect sushi and service. But by no means is it bad. If you want sushi and don’t know the hole in the wall places, it will get the job done and leave you satisfied.

Trenton P.

Food & sushi tasted very plain. Would not go back, if I could give it no star I would.

Britney Fuqua

I definitely could have chosen a million different ways to spend 90 dollars. I did take my family of 5 here. The sushi was so bland. I basically ended up putting soy sauce og everything just to add flavor. We ordered the busboy and dishwasher rolls, chicken fried rice, two salads, miso soup and hot sake. The sake was the only part that had flavor. The staff were very kind. Atmosphere was average. I'm glad I didnt splurge and buy a sushi boat.

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