Chili's Grill & Bar

924 E Copeland Rd, Arlington
(817) 261-3891

Recent Reviews

Stephanie Skidmore

This is a really good Chili's. Great service and a really nice manager came to the table to see if everything was ok.

Ana'licia Serrato

This location sucks, I’m sorry but this was my second time going and just giving them the benefit of the doubt the service would be great but no! Waited for about 15 minutes for someone to acknowledge my toddler and I. Three servers kept passing by but none came to my table to take drinks or anything. They would go to the other surrounding tables to check if they needed anything. Took my daughter and left. Terrible

Keshia Porter

I ordered a side salad I had to send it back, the second one was worse after all the picking this is the end result… this Chili’s is by far the worse

Bbek Shrestha

Just went for dessert. 15 mins wait time turned into an hour and half. Even after we got the table, it took forever for the server to take our order. Really bad experience! I have to say the desert was good but it was not worth the wait at all.

Audrey Todd

Worst service ever! The manager was great and attentive. The first waitress before shift change was good. I don’t ever post reviews but this experience was so bad I felt the need to leave one. I’m a waitress, and I’ve never not tipped. I’ve tipped some bad waitresses because I do understand people have bad days but the waitress we had was BEYOND ridiculous! We ate appetizers and our dinner before the manager asked if we needed more to drink. The waitress walked by us 5 times and looked at our table. She looked at us from over the counter 3 times before asking us if we were done. I don’t like complaining cause the food industry is a hard to place to work. But this was the absolute worst. She needs serving/customer relations classes!!!!!!!

Gene ziz

our food was disgusting ! Our “potato soup” was literally like pudding. So disappointed

Amelia Hill

Plates served at different times. Half of my order was burned & tortillas were over heated in microwave, before I could finish the 1st one, edges were hard & dry. Other than taking & bringing order waitress was absent. After complaining to the Host, the manager comes and offers a new pack of tortillas? I refused & told her I was waiting on the manager. Afterwards she introduces herself as the manager.My sister who never complains & tolerates more than she should. Proclaimed "I will never be back, this is the worst place". ?

Derrick Jarvis

Absolutely too slow with service. The restaurant was not full at all. It took 15-20 minutes before someone ask what wanted to drink, and then another 35-40 minutes to get food. Once again this place was very slow hardly no one there.

Shanae Gill

I love coming to chills the staff is away so happy to give you great service


Great food. Slow service. Had to go inside despite ordering curbside-to-go. My order was already on shelf getting cold. ?

Maria C.

We went in to eat at Chilis (party of 2). Stood upfront waiting for someone to greet us, but apparently that was too much to ask for. Servers kept passing by us, looking at us and not one person stopped to take a second or two and at least let us know something a long the lines, "I'll get someone up here for you". More people started showing up and same thing happened to them. We were all getting stared at. The other family brought it up to what (finally) appeared to be the hostes. What did she do? Oh, she just stared at us for like a minute, looked up and down at all of us, stayed quiet for a few more seconds and with a heavy attitude stated ,"I'll be right with yall" and rolled her eyes at us. This was at 3:30PM, July 22nd at the, 924 E Copeland Rd, Arlington, TX 76011 . Definitely not returning to this location. Will also be telling my friends and family about this experience.

Lps Owl

We got there 20mins til closing and they were still happy to see us. Very kind people work there.

GoRiosGo RiosGo

Absolutely terrible service. waited 20 minutes for service and left. Didn’t want to waste more time. Couple servers came by and asked if we’d been helped and left after we told them no. always have problems here. GM doesn’t know how to run a team. This Chili’s needs help desperately. If it wasn’t for their location they’d go out of business.

Pat Lopez

great food and service!!!

Pennilisa Esquivel

Came a little late because or Six flags about 9:40pm but everyone was super nice! The food was amazing and hit the spot! our waiter Jose was amazing and super nice and sweet! we were there late til 10:40pm and everyone was so sweet even though they close at 10:30pm. Went to Salt Grass earlier and was nothing compared to Chilis! Learnee our lesson. Thank you Chili's

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