Domino's Pizza

4201 SW Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington
(817) 483-9999

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talitha collins

Love the pizza; love love the Cheesy Bread!

Daniel McCullough

Curbside service is highly improved since Domino's started holding individual stores accountable for 2 minute curbside carryout.

Sarah G

Horrible service,I had someone leave one pizza on my deck with out a notice ( I ordered to and asked to be notified by knocking on my door),when I called, the lady that answered was super nice and said they were gonna make it right, but after almost 40 min when I called back the lady that answered was soo unprofessional and rude,she started yelling at me and avoided my question when I asked about her name,she said her name was "tj" after asking several times.. she's working rn at 12 pm on Friday. My dad has been ordering pizza from here for years but I would rather drive 10 min to the next dominos than order from here again.You guys can work on getting more professional staff.My family and I will NEVER order from here again.

Tania Brooks

Poor service and food. Don't waste your time. Management doesn't care.

Alex Johnson

The quality of delivery service has declined significantly over the past few years. I do not recommend ordering from this restaurant. If you order online and call, they won't pick up.

Ashley Lindley

I will never order from this place again. The driver clearly went to the wrong place and never called me claimed he called twice I did not have 1 missed call at all ! Then when I called the store they Saud they'd send him back out if I tip him. After their mistake they seriously asked for more money to deliver the pizza. Which I always tip and tip good but will not be told to do so or required to do so ! I will be contacting the store manager in the morning but will never give them 1 penny of my money again.

Logan Hargrove

This location always get my order wrong or doesn’t get them to me at all. If you’re as busy as you say you are over the phone. How about you hire more people. There’s no excuse for such poor service from an delivery company. You try calling they ignore the phone like it’s not even there.

Scott Montano

Ordered 4 pizzas for a group of friends that we were having over. Only 3 of the pizzas arrived. Once we realized, we tried to call the store only to be left on hold for 20 mins. I said I'd call back the next day and got back to the party.The next day, I call back and am left on hold for an additional 15 minutes before deciding to just drive to the store instead. I kept the phone call going and walked into the store. I then stood there waiting my turn while every employee in the store ignored my still ringing phone call. By the time it was my turn in line, the phone had been ringing for 30 minutes straight. They did not know the reason I was calling, for all they knew I was a potential customer that they left on hold for 30 minutes. I wasn't even mad about the missing pizza initially, I just wanted the problem remedied, but after this I was pretty livid.I was given a refund for my botched order, but after this experience, I will not be ordering from here again. Which is a shame, because I preferred Domino's to the other big chains.

Stephen Mead

The manager at the green oaks store was amazing he handled my problem and was extremely patient

Christine D.

Places and order. Call to verify and i could not get thru to speak to someone. Pizza arrive an hour late after I had already left to the pizza place to go see what was going on with my order.

Nicole Turner

Just not the regular Dominoes quality. I walked my order in because no one was answering the phone. The store was a mess. The guy making the pizza wasn't wearing gloves. Food was thrown all over the place. He came over assisted the guy at the cashier and went right back to preparing the food. Disappointed!

Carl F.

I have been waiting on my pizza for almost 2 hours now. The app shows it's in "prep," and is stuck right there. The app offers no option to cancel, and the local store has had me on hold for 30 minutes. Completely unacceptable.

Jonathan Stovall

This location has been fast and quality pizza. I order once a week and it’s consistently on point. The drivers are nice and friendly. If there is ever any minor issue or problem they totally compensate you for it. We Love this service and Pizza!

Andrew Piccirillo

Always good and quick but tonight they called me and said they weren't taking any more orders for delivery or carry out for some reason was very disappointed since I don't have vehicle and very hungry and was only place still opened

Robert Alvarado

The NRH store really dropped the ball. The delivery was double what the tracker estimated and the pizza was overcooked. In their defense, they did give a points package so u can get a free pizza. I will give this store another chance. Everyone has bad days.

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