Globe Life Park in Arlington

1000 Ballpark Way, Arlington
(817) 273-5100

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Sharon T.

Been a long time since we'd gone to a Rangers game, last game we went to was on a hot Texas afternoon and our seats were in the sun-felt like forever. So now seeing their new stadium is air conditioned we got tickets and it was such a different experience from last time. Parking was easy but there is no tail gating allowed which we were surprised about. I'd looked online for what you can/can't bring and was surprised I could take my purse and didn't have to be a clear bag. We could each take an unopened bottle of water and a gallon ziplock with food in a drawstring backpack. I packed sandwiches grabbed some water. We saw no one else with the backpacks walking in so was a little concerned I'd read an old what's allowed. But through security I went they checked my purse/& drawstring backpack and said have a fun time. Everything was clean and the outside aisle was wide so even with so many people didn't feel crowded. Lots of food/drink vendors to choose from. The temperature inside was very comfortable-roof was closed that day. Everyone working there was friendly and helpful. Beer vendors came down the rows but didn't carry them-you flagged them told him what you wanted and off he went magically appearing with it-everything is credit cards, don't think any vendor takes cash so be warned take a card. They have a portable card machine that works slick and after paying can give them a tip-im sure that helps them find you again. Bathrooms are large and clean which I appreciated. Can't wait to go to another game soon.

Steven B.

When we went in, it was nice and cool and boy were we relieved. Texas summer baseball can be pretty rough. I've been to numerous games where the evening temps were very hot. Then low and behold, the roof starts moving and opening. I love that they can do that and we have the luxury of closing the roof for inclement weather but isnt the 147 degree weather with the heat index enough to keep it closed? We ended up sitting and starting to enjoy the game and then we were slapped up side the head with the heat wave. Then we were slapped again when we found out that we were in the wrong seats. We were in 139 when we were supposed to be in 138 and so we had to move. Bad thing is I just got back with our food and had to pick it all up and move with it. No the weather was not any better in the other seats. My hot dog was not the best. The bun was very dry and did not stay together. As humid as it was, you would think that would have been different. Not soggy. And boy oh boy, for someone who likes jalepenos, I sure got plenty on my hot dog. The one thing I noticed was that the seating feels a little tight to me. I know stadium seating is usually tight, but I really felt like a sardine. I couldnt use my elbows to help me eat my hot dog. I wont lie, we are Dodgers fans and have been for years. Being a Ranger fan is new to us. This park is not quite the same as going to Dodger Stadium but The new Texas Rangers ballpark is spectacular. We love the character you get when at Dodger Stadium. Do we feel that here? I am not quite sure yet. I don't think so. I do not the feeling about the parks are not quite the same. We love baseball so we will be back - it's just not our favorite park. We love Texas!!

Meghan J.

I would say it is a site to see! Especially if you are new to town or visiting.

Marvin Roden

Beautiful new ballpark. What was exceptional was the 72 degree temperature inside as opposed to the 90+ outside. Lots of concessions which always helps.

tuesdays rain

First time to the new Globe Life Park. We parked in a prime spot to view the Fireworks show. The event was very well organized and incident free. The show was impressive, and approximately 30-40 in length. Would have been nice if the city could have provided some portable toilets though. We plan on coming there again and frequent some of the nightlife adjacent to the ballpark.

Anessa Salmeron

Beautiful air conditioned ballpark! There is a ticket price available with all you can eat and non alcoholic drink, restrooms are very clean, pleasant and friendly staff, and no cash accepted! Love the new ballpark and what they have to offer and will definitely be at more games this summer!!

MsLadie Claire

Watching the Rangers game in the new Globe Life field was pretty awesome! With the great seats we had, everything was easily accessible and we could see everything very well. The overhead lights were pretty bright in our eyes from where we were sitting though, but I thought it was worth the great view. Maybe just bring sunglasses. They said the temperature was at 72° with the roof closed on that 100° + weather day, but our party was still a little warmer than we'd liked to have been (still sweating). Overall, the whole experience was so much fun.

Kate Sprague

This field is stunning! We waited until the day of the game to buy tickets. I spoke with a ticket seller because I wanted to find seats that weren’t outrageous but would keep my young ones involved. She made sure to get me aisle seats because taking kids to the bathroom is no easy task! She was so kind and courteous. Everything was just beautiful and easy to find.

Shane Verret

It's a nice ballpark. It's great that it's almost July and we were very comfortable sitting and watching the game. The ambiance just isn't the same as the old stadium. It feels kinda cold and not welcoming. It has some nice amenities but it doesn't have the overwhelming grandeur of AT&T stadium next door. It is just a nice stadium and not a must see destination.

Kathleen K.

We attended a Twins Rangers game this weekend. The stadium is very nice and they have a retractable roof which was closed for the 97 degree day - perfect! We were very unimpressed with the food. The only Mexican food is nachos. The mac and cheese was thick like paste and not served very warm. The beef brisket sandwich was drive and only served with a small amount of BBQ sauce. But the container it is served in was so flimsy that I couldn't sit it on my lap as it twisted and almost pitched my food on the floor. Seats were pretty comfortable but we couldn't see the entire scoreboard from our seats.


Great experience inside the suites. First time coming to globe life field and it’s been a wonderful experience to remember. All the digital technology made our visit transparent. I enjoyed everything the Rangers gave me today, including the victory!

Don S.

Nice new ballpark! Wish they had been a little more imaginative on the field itself like Minute Maid though. Drinks your typical $20. Food outrageously priced of course. Very good ballpark food options though and the Texas size hot dogs are huge! The folks working here were super nice and friendly. Really cool set up under stands to eat and watch games. We pre gamed at Texas Live before hand and that place is bad ass!!! Get there early and stay late !! We will be back many times to watch the Astros play here !

David G.

Starting a journey to all MLB parks. Globe Life Park was our second park outside of California. This brand new park was great! Walking into the Air Conditioned atmosphere from the humid Texas summer heat was very welcomed. This park is similar to getting a shiny new toy, everything is bright, clean, and functioning perfectly. The staff was courteous, friendly, and accommodating. There were lot's of families with kids in attendance at this Friday night Rangers game. Sat is section 114, row 1, and everyone around us was having a great time while watching the Rangers break a 10 game losing streak. Didn't order any food due to our paying $50.86 for two Chick-fil-A chicken wraps at Minute Maid Park in Houston the day before. After visiting Globe Life Park in Arlington, Minute Maid Park in Houston seems like it's 50 years old. Take some time to enjoy the vibrant night life at the restaurants / bars outside the stadium. Great job Rangers! After building the outdoor park across the street a few years ago, only to build a new indoor park due to heat and inclement weather, you hit a 'Homerun' with Global Life Park.

Madison P.

The stadium itself is beautiful! Super new, clean, huge, with so many food options, great seating sections, tons of bathrooms, a kid area, photo opportunities, etc. I would give the food a 3/5. Not bad, but nothing I would rave about. I got a corndog box, fried pickles from pluckers, and blue bell ice cream. There are many bars and restaurants and fun around the stadium for after the game. This was my first time at a game at globe life park, and I am already looking forward to my next.

Gaye Craig

I miss the more elegant Globe Life Park, quite frankly. Globe Life Field reminds me of a very large air plane hanger. Its a bit garish. There's something about having someone walking around selling peanuts, popcorn, cokes, etc, which no longer exists at this cashless arena. To me THAT was part of going and watching a live baseball game.

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