Gold Pops Ice Cream

430 E Lamar Blvd suite 106, Arlington
(817) 659-7359

Recent Reviews

Monica Castillo Cobbey

Super, delicious pops!

LaLa Bear

By far the best fried ice cream I've ever had. I got the oreo with whipped cream paired with Izze Sparkling water.

Kate V

The best place for fresh fruit ice cream. They have variety of flavors. Prices are very reasonable as well. The owner is super nice!! Will come back

Claude Michaud-Vargas

Wow ! So good. I tried there fried ice-cream on a stick and there fruit pop , the taste is so good, fresh and creamy. They have a incredible variety for all taste. This ice cream shop is a real Gem.Owner really sympathetic and proud of is products and happy to share with us about is ice cream.If you crave for something really delicious and different you will be serve . Will be back for sure.

Melissa Franklin

Absolutely Outstanding!! I had the Pandon Fried Ice cream with almonds and condensed milk. I have Never had Anything So Delicious, a True Gem?

Tayy W.

So we might have found out about this place by accidentally stealing my niece's ice cream...and then wondering where she got it from... After unconsciously demolishing these mini pops in mere seconds, I became confused..."where did the pops go?" The next few days I began thinking about how I can squeeze a north Arlington trip into my schedule. Before work? No too early. After work? No too late. Day off randomly after manis and pedis? Perfect. A cute little place tucked off on the side of the service road, also connected to Lamar St. Upon walking in you are greeted with two friendly smiles, big boss and little boss. Friendly service and beautiful art on walls and cute little painted art work on the wall behind the counter. I love the concept of switching flavors daily, it makes me want to branch out of my comfort zone. And when they're sold out it makes me want them even moreeee!! The flavors I ate first from the mini pops were: avocado, strawberry cheesecake, yogurt Mochi, strawberry. Those all tasted delicious, thus my presence inside the store now looking upon 20 different flavor options to choose from. And seeing FREE THERMAL BAG with order of 3 boxes minimum. So of course I chose my 5: cantaloupe, kumquat, strawberry cheesecake, pandan, mango mochi. My bfs box: coconut peanuts banana, kumquat, vanilla bean, strawberry mango, strawberry cheesecake. For our niece: strawberry cheesecake , avocado, ube Mochi, pandan, either kumquat or mango Mochi. So we drove back home (30 min away) drop it off to go to an appointment. Busy all day, and here midnight rolls around. As I open my box, to my surprise I found some extra goodies! A mini pop of each the honey goat cheese and soursop!! Two flavors I really wanted to try!! I was really hesitant about the honey goat cheese because I'm not a big fan of goat cheese. But this ice cream was inhaled in seconds. These mini pops are dangerous. And omg when I saw the soursop in my box my mouth literally dropped I was so excited I tried to take a photo of it but by the time I got to my phone I'm just left with a wooden stick. And wait for it..... do you know what's the best part??????????? The wooden sticks don't taste like wooden sticks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything tastes so yummy and fresh and pure. No additives at all, all natural flavors. That's what I love. I need to come back to try their fried pop!! You can tell these pops are made with love.

E Frank

Great customer service and enjoyed my Fried Oreo Pop!! The next time I'm out this way I'll have to stop by. ?

Kat Lea

Absolutely amazing! Such a unique dessert and the people who work here are phenomenal! They always remember me when I come in and make me feel at home!

Tina D.

One of the best place in Arlington to get ice cream. They have a variety and diverse flavors. It's not just the boring traditional American flavor. They have jackfruit and ube too. I recently tried their fried strawberry cheesecake ice cream. It was delicious! My go to ice cream place!

Naren S

There aren't too many ice cream places which offer products which are made from fresh fruits. Got the 5 variety box from here, and was blown away by how good the pops were!Certainly worth a visit if you are in the area.

Asma S.

The amount of flavors here is insane!!! We got the Oreo fried pop and the mango mochi cream pop. The Oreo flavor was super chocolaty and strong and the fried exterior was crispy and thin. I got it drizzled with sweetened condensed milk and it was such a good addition. My only issue with the fried pop was that the coating fell off about halfway through eating but mine may have been a one-off where it didn't adhere perfectly! The mango mochi pop was great. Fresh mango flavor and the mochi was perfectly chewy! Didn't taste super frozen at all. There is definitely a flavor for everyone here. Vanilla for the safe crowd and pandan for those who want a more unique flavor. They are all really sweet so be mindful of that as well. Last thing I'll say is get here early!! We came around 8 pm and there were only 2 flavors left for the fried pops (Oreo and ube). Service was very kind and quick. I will definitely be back to give them another try and pick some different flavors.


Came by yesterday, it was my first time trying fried ice cream and going to Gold Pops. The ice cream was SO DELICIOUS. The owner was sooo sweet too. Made my first experience very enjoyable! 10/10 I’ll definitely be coming back for more?

William Mohamad

Very friendly service, incredible food, the taste was beyond description. 100% recommend

Derek S.

Very unique and tasty. The man working there was extremely nice. Great experience! I tried a fried pop (it's like fried icecream on a stick.) My fried strawberry cheesecake with chocolate and almonds was great. There are lots of other non fried options as well!


I am OBSESSED with this place. The perfect summer spot to grab a fresh and unique popsicle with friends. The staff is so friendly and kind— made the experience even better! I spent at least five minutes trying to decide what flavor I wanted because everything looked amazing. That just means it’s a sign to go visit again soon!The lychee cream, pineapple goat cheese, coffee, and fried tiramisu were all delicious!

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